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5 workouts you can try at home

Are you a fitness freak? But you don’t have time or money to workouts and join a fitness club?


Well then no worries, this post is absolutely for you guys. Exercise is not only meant to be done at gym clubs with machinery. If you are a fitness freak, or willing to begin fitness of your life then here are five of the best workouts that you can perform staying at your home. 


1. Push-ups

Push-ups are the most common workout you can do anywhere anytime. No, any equipment is required for push-up performance. This workout is beneficial for your upper body parts like chest, arms, shoulder. Push-up is also considered as callisthenics workout for your perfect fitness body.


Do a regular push-up of maximum 40-50 repetition and get a different better body structure. 


How to perform Push-ups:

1. Get down on your hands and feet stretched.

2. Keep your hand slightly wider with shoulders and feet far as behind.

3. Press the floor with the hands keeping chest up.

4. Now, get your chest to lower trying to touch the ground, bending your hands.

5. Press up yourself and get into the initial position.


2. Squat

Free Weight Squats

The squat is the best lower body exercises, mainly focusing your legs to prevent any injuries. This is a specific workout that you can also perform anywhere anytime with really less space to execute.


The empty-handed squat is the best workout which you can perform at your home for better and more muscular legs. It also affects your overall body parts and increases body strength.


How to perform Squat:

1. Stand up in a straight position.

2. Keep your hand fold without touching the body.

3. Keep your legs slightly wider than the body.

4. Maintaining straight position, get down trying to sit with bending your knee.

5. Stand back up into initial position.


3. Barbell Curl

Barbell Curl is for your biceps workout that you can perform only with a pair of the dumbbell. You can try this workout at your home or even your workplace; all you need is a pair of the dumbbell. It is really easy and effective workouts for your arms.

Straight Bar Barbell Curls
Straight Bar Barbell Curls

How to perform Barbell Curl:

1. Stand straight with a dumbbell in each hand.

2. Place the dumbbell horizontally into your palm.

3. Slowly curl your arms, bending the elbow.

4. Only move your lower arm below the elbow.

5. Contract the bicep muscle and release slowly into the initial position.


4. Plank

Plank workout is the best workout that you can perform staying at home. It mainly focuses your abdomen muscle, but the plank is good for the overall development of your body that consists of arms, shoulders, abdomen, legs, etc.


This is a strength workout which requires the same positioning to push your maximum possible time.


How to perform Plank:

Home workouts

1. Get down on the floor with facing the ground.

2. Place your forearm on the floor, supporting your upper body.

3. Stretch your legs behind maintaining straight body posture.

4. Get your hips slightly up, focusing your abdomen muscles.

5. Maintain the pose as much you are capable of.


5. Crunches

Crunch is an excellent exercise for your abdomen muscle. It maintains your six-pack abs and tightens your belly muscle which is a vital part of your body. This workout is the best way to get abs staying at home.

Normal Crunches

How to perform crunches:

1. Lie down on your back.

2. Bent your knees and have a stronghold on feet.

3. Get your head slightly higher than the ground.

4. Place your hands behind your ear.

5. Slowly crunch towards your knee, focusing your abdominal muscles.

6. Get back to the initial position and repeat again and again.


Follow these workouts that you can easily perform at your home for better fitness.

Thanks for your time. 


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