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6 Biceps workout for men

Who in the world doesn’t wants a bigger arms? Big arms are always a bonus point for the fitness. Every one appreciates having a bigger arms. Biceps workout is probably the most important workout of the body. It is because biceps has huge role in your overall fitness as well as it is the part for many other muscle groups.


For example, in the pose back double biceps not only having really good back is sufficient but you also need to have big biceps. like wise, Biceps is equally important to many other body muscles. Generally, biceps has two heads, the short head and long head. It is different according to the origin of coracoid process and supraglenoid tubercle of the scapula.


Biceps are really tough muscle which isn’t going to come out that easy. You need a real focus and concentration while performing. Here are 10 biceps workout that will enhance your biceps.


1. Straight Bar Barbell curl

Barbell curl is really good workout for your bicep mass building. This is an easy method of bicep workout but also very important to perform it perfectly.

Straight Bar Barbell Curls
Straight Bar Barbell Curls


How to Perform Straight Bar Barbell Curl step by step:

1. Select light weights and stand straight in front of the bar.

2. Grab the bar slightly wider than your arms.

3. Keeping your body straight, curl up the arms along with the bar.

4. Squeeze the biceps at the very top.

5. Slowly release the pressure and down the bar.


Things to remember while performing Standing Barbell Curl:

1. Always keep your fist and forearm in a straight line.

2. Do not swing while lifting weight.

3. Only move your arms below elbow.

4. Do not release fast after squeeze.


2. Standing Dumbbell curl

Very similar with Standing Barbell Curl and equally important to develop your biceps. The only difference is the equipment used in the process.

Standing Dumbbell Curls
Standing Dumbbell Curls


Now, you might wondering if they are so much of similar then why to perform both and why not one of them. This is the common problem which lacks biceps progress. It is really important that you perform both of these exercise with equal importance.


How to Perform Standing Dumbbell Curl step by step:

1. Stand straight and grab a dumbbell on each arm.

2. Place the dumbbell horizontally right on the side of waist.

3. Curl up the dumbbell and squeeze as much you can.

4. Release the dumbbell slowly into initial position.


Things to remember while performing Standing Dumbbell Curl:

1. Stand straight with your chest up.

2. Place your arms slightly backward from your body.

3. You don’t have to curl all the way to your shoulder or chin.

4. Focus on bicep muscle in every repetition.


3. Seated dumbbell Preacher curl

This is the killer workout for your long head biceps. It is the most effective biceps workout you need to perform to increase the length of your biceps.

Biceps Workout
Seated Dumbbell Peacher Curls

How to perform Seated Dumbbell Preacher curl step by step:

1. Start with lighter weight.

2. Have a comfortable height of seat.

3. Place the hand perfectly straight holding dumbbell horizontally.

4. Curl in the arm squeezing the muscle.

5. Release really slower strengthening your arms back to straight position.


Things to remember while performing Seated dumbbell preacher curl:

1. Do not go fast on any steps.

2. Do not swing your body.

3. You can grab the seat with next hand for self support.

4. Do no release dumbbell fast, keep it slower than curl in.

5. Make your arms straight for a complete repetition.


4. Dumbbell Hammer curl

Dumbbell Hammer curl is really good workout for your outer bicep, the muscle at the front of your upper arms. This muscle is frequently activated during common exercise where you have to lift the weights.

Dumbbell Hammer Curl
Dumbbell Hammer Curl


How to perform Dumbbell Hammer curl step by step:

1. Select an adequate weight as you comfort.

2. Keep you body straight with chest out.

3. Hold a dumbbell on each hands vertically.

4. Slowly curl in the arms focusing your outer biceps.

5. Release the dumbbell at the same momentum.


Things to remember while performing dumbbell hammer curl:

1. Do not go all the way up while curl in.

2. Always keep your chest and head up.


5. Seated Dumbbell Concentration curl

Concentration curls are great workout for building bigger arms. This is a compound exercise that isolates the biceps. The main benefit of Seated Dumbbell Concentration curl is your muscle growth in biceps because while perform this exercise, it targets specific muscle fibers and break them down and rebuild into stronger thick muscle.

Biceps Workout
Seated Dumbbell Concentration Curl


How to perform Seated Dumbbell Concentration curl step by step:

1. Get a light weight dumbbell and have a sit on the very edge of the bench.

2. Put your right foot ahead for right bicep concentration and vice-versa.

3. Place your elbow touching your thigh with straight arm.

4. Curl in the dumbbell and concentrate on bicep muscle.

5. Hold a second and release with really slow momentum.


Things to remember while performing Seated Dumbbell Concentration curl:

1. Do not over press your thigh with the elbow.

2. Do not swing your body or arms.

3. Move only your lower arms up to the elbow.

4. Keep your fist straight while curling dumbbell.

6. Over-head Cable curl

Over-head cable curl is great for your bicep definition and addition of mass to the upper arms.

Over Head Cable Curl
Over Head Cable Curl


How to perform Over-head cable curl step by step:

1. Place the cable all the way up the equipment.

2. Start with a light weight.

3. Stand on the center of both the cables.

4. Grab the cable each on both hands with chest out.

5. Curl the cable towards your head focusing your biceps.

6. Hold a second and release the cables.


Things to remember while performing Over-head cable curl:

1. Stand at the center else your arms wont get equal tension.

2. Do not move your body except your arms.

3. Keep your arms straight to your shoulders.


Follow this bicep routine on your next biceps workout and feel the change.

Thank you for your time.

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