Best abdominal workout

Best Abdominal Workout you can do anywhere



Abs has been the centre of attraction of every individual’s body. Getting six-pack abs is a considerable step up in your fitness. It has become a crucial part of your body.

Fitness of your body means the overall development and management of your body parts, where abdominal plays an essential role. People nowadays are focusing more on having fit and slim abdominal. Slim and well-structured abdominal is a crucial part of your fitness as a fitness model or any kind of body buildings.

Everyone has a dream of having six-pack abs, but not every desire is fulfilled unless there are hard work intense focus and strong determination. Getting abs is a pretty tough job, but maintaining abs is a lot tougher job. You have to train your abs three to four times a week, managing a healthy diet with the right amount of calories.

Here are some of the best abdominal workout you have to follow for some severe six-pack progress

1. Crunches

Normal Crunches
Normal Crunches

Crunches are the most popular abdominal exercise which almost every gym athlete performs as their beginning abs workout. It is generally performed, focusing on lower abs. This exercise helps in muscle building and burns fat effectively.

According to studies, it is proven that half-hour crunches burn out around 300 calories, which is a fantastic result to loss of fat. Abdominal crunches are essential for improving body posture and balance.

2. Lying leg raise

Lying Leg Raise
Lying Leg Raise

Leg raise is a core abdominal exercise that primarily focuses on lower abdominal muscles. This workout also helps in low back pain and improves overall body strength and stabilization. Leg raise can maximize your health and aesthetic benefit if the body.

It is believed that performing leg raise for about 10 to 15 minutes a day burns out around 60 calories of your body. It is the best method of getting your belly flat. You will feel an increase in your body strength after regular performing of leg raise.

3. Sit-ups

Normal Sit-Ups

Sit-ups are a beneficial and laborious abdominal exercise done by lying down on your back and lifting your torso. This workout targets more muscle than crunches. It is similar to crises. It is a core abdominal workout that helps in preventing back pain and injuries.

According to research from 2016, older ladies who had options to do sit-ups were less inclined to have sarcopenia, which is a collective loss of muscle because of old age.

As stated by Harvard Medical School, the average adult will burn 135 to 200 calories in 30 minutes of core sit-ups exercise. So, it proves the importance and power of sit-ups.

4. Planks

Normal Planks
Normal Planks

Planking is somewhat less as a workout and more like the posing for intense abs workout. This is zero movement exercise for almost the overall part of your body. Plank pose has lots of benefits for your organization.

Performing plank burns out approximately 2 to 5 calories per minute. This pose helps in reducing the risk of back pain and strengthens your core. Along with the abdominal muscles, the plank also strengths your shoulders, chest, legs, and back. It is efficient for the overall development of your body.


5. Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle Crunches
Bicycle Crunches

Conforming to ACE (American Council on Exercise) in 2001, bicycle crunches was selected as the best abdominal workouts among other core abs exercises. It works on every part of your abs, upper, lower, and outer abs. This exercise provides instant results in the outcome of your six-pack abs.

Along with abdominal, this workout helps in weight loss, muscle building, strengthens your core muscles and flattens your stomach. Bicycle crunches burn three calories per minute.

6. Russian twist with ball

The Russian ball twist is a core exercise for your torso muscle, and you’re outer abdominal. It burns ten calories a minute, which is a lot to lose. You will get a better and faster result of weight loss performing this exercise.

The Russian twist is beneficial for health problems like prevents cardiovascular disease like strokes and heart attacks. This exercise helps to dissolve fat all around the stomach. For core abdominal training, you better go for a Russian ball twist.

Follow these intense abdominal exercises regularly for a flat and slim stomach.

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