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Top 5 Back Workout for Mass | Back Workouts

Back muscle is probably the biggest muscle part of our body, which takes enormous amounts of effort to build and develop like a professional bodybuilder. Whenever I ask my bodybuilding partners to expose their body, they generally show biceps, chest, abs and some shoulder. But rarely expose their back as only few can develop perfectly massive and generate Christmas tree. Every single bodybuilder desires to have wider back, but not everyone is lucky to have one.


Generally, due to lack of proper sight on self back, people cannot notice their back and lacks the necessary focus to it. And they instead focus on those muscle groups that are generally exposed and loses their massive point of having massive back.


So, today, in this article, I have collected the top 5 of the best back workout for mass that will definitely increase mass and width to your back.

1. Ring Pull-Ups

Start off with ring pull-ups where you can have neutral grip pull-ups added with five sets of around 10 to 12 repetitions. This workout for bigger back is similar to pull-up and chin-up where you lift your upper body focusing on your back muscle.


Ring Pull-ups are a form of gymnast where your body requires massive strength. It is great exercise of adding mass to your back muscle.


Ring pull ups
Ring pull-ups


Ways to perform Ring Pull-Ups:

  • Place the gym rings at the height where you won’t be able to touch the ground.
  • Grab the ring with both hands and stand straightly, keeping your arms and legs straight.
  • Now, pull up yourself with the force of your two arms, keeping your chest right up your chin.
  • Raise higher as you can and hold for a second, then release slowly controlling the momentum.
  • Once you are lowered hold to manage posture and repeat the process again.

Things to remember during Ring pull-ups:

  • Do not swing while pulling your body upwards.
  • Keep your legs crossed and pull straightly up.
  • Keep your chest up and focus on back muscles.

2. Wide Grip Lat Pull-downs

Lat pulldown is a very common and basic back workout to develop back muscle. You should never ignore this exercise instead perform on every back workout day. Because these workouts are the one that knows your muscle and helps in quick progress. Perform heavy weighted wide pulldowns for adding mass and getting wider back.


back workout for mass
Lat pull-downs

Ways to perform Wide Grip Lat Pull-downs:

  • Pick an appropriate weight for your initial start-up and have a seat keeping your chest up.
  • Grab the bar wider where the curve starts and place your thighs underneath the support.
  • Start pulling the bar only with your arms until it reaches up to your chin.
  • Hold a second and slowly release the bar making your arms straight.
  • Repeat the process for 10-12 repetitions.

Things to remember during wide grip lat pull-downs:

  • Pull down the bar with equal force.
  • Don’t lift your butt while pulling the weight.
  • Also, don’t pull the bar below your chin (many people pull up to the chest)

3. Dumbbell Rows

You might feel that dumbbell rows are pretty easy exercise to perform, and yes it is easy, but are you sure that you are performing it correctly? Many people focus on heavyweight instead preforming it correctly because it is easier than another back workout for mass. This workout for back is really essential to gain quick mass so, perform it pitch-perfect every time you carry dumbbell.


Back workout for mass
Dumbbell Row

Ways to perform Dumbbell Rows:

  • Grab a dumbbell as appropriate for your initial set.
  • Bent down, keeping your chest upright and head up.
  • Keep your arm straight and pull the dumbbell to your abdominal for better and wider back.
  • Hold a second and release the dumbbell making your arms straight.
  • Repeat the process for 12 times.

Things to remember during Dumbbell Rows:

  • Do not pull and release dumbbell quickly; the more patiently you perform, the more it affects your back.
  • Don’t overweight the dumbbells and swing your body.

4. T-Bar Row

T-bar row can be performed on the corner bar and at the machine. If you are professional with corner bar then, that will be the best choice for you. And if you are new then go with T-bar machine row. It is great for creating tension and increasing muscle mass to your back.


Back workout for mass
T-Bar Row

This workout allows you to use a neutral grip where you can use both hand power to pull the weights in a strong position. Also, you can pull more weight over dumbbell rows.

Ways to perform T-bar row:

  • Place the straight bar at the corner to keep it stable and add up the weights on the barbell.
  • Grab a handle staying in between the bars widening the legs.
  • Keeping your chest upright, pull the bar towards your chest.
  • Hold a second and release the bar very slowly.
  • Repeat the process 10-12 times.


Things to remember during T-bar row:

  • Pull the barbell towards your chest only, not below or about.
  • Start from lightweight or you might have problem at your back.
  • Don’t go fast; make every repetition count.

5. Reverse Grip Lat Pull-downs

Reverse Grip is great for your lower lats and helps to enhance the back muscle with forearms and biceps. It is performed using underhand grip and rests similar to lat-pull down. You will get thicker and fuller lats after perfection on this exercise. Reverse Grip lat pull-down helps in definition on your back muscle.


Lat-pull down
Reverse Grip Lat Pull-Down

Ways to perform Reverse-Grip lat pull-downs:

  • ¬†Grab a bar with an underhand grip and get into proper position keeping your thigh under the support and chest upright.
  • Pull down the bar up to your upper chest, squeezing back muscle.
  • Hold a second and slowly release the bar focusing your lat muscle, making your arms straight.
  • Repeat the process 12-15 times until your lats burns.

Things to remember during reverse-grip lat pull-downs:

  • Perform the repetition slowly without moving your body position.
  • Keep your back straight throughout the workout.
  • Go slow and focus on your lats on every repetition.


Never ignore back workout because it covers the highest amount of body muscle and is also appropriate for other muscle posing like back double biceps, which is the most important pose for bodybuilders. Hence, follow these five back workout for mass and have bigger and wider back.

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