Best Back Workout You Must Do

Back covers almost half of your body muscle. It is very important to train your back for overall development of the body. Since it covers large portion it also contains various muscle part in it. So, there are various different kinds of back workout that you need to perform for better and bigger back.

1 . Pull up or Chin up

Back Workout

This is the beginner exercise for all the bodybuilder. It is consider as warmup exercise for strength and flexibility. If you want a V-shaped structure in your back, then you must perform this exercise regularly.


It focus the upper back and lats with increasing hand power. This exercise is the one responsible for wider upper part body. Pullup and Chinup are the best exercise for developing pulling strength and muscle in the back.


Chin up and Pull up has many variations in performing which focuses on specific part of the back muscle. Try doing regular pull ups and improve your hand power and get better back muscles.


2 . Lat Pulldown

Back Workout

Lat pulldown is a very good warmup exercise for your back. It is generally an initial exercise to prepare your back for intense workout. It is also great exercise for muscle building of lats. You have to maintain a constant body position with 8-12 repetition in each set.


This is a similar exercise as pull up where you pull down the bar sitting in a bench instead of hanging in the bar. Lat pulldown also improves your V-shape structure by getting wider lats muscle.


3. Bent-Over Barbell Rows

barbell row for back workouts

Bent-over Barbell Rows seems pretty touch by the name itself as it is during workout. This workout focuses your middle portion of back for muscle building. This workout needs full body collaboration and strength and has to be perfectly positioned. Wrongly positioned body during the workout is worthless.


As this workout is generally harder, better to select less weight because performing this exercise gives great tension on your back. This exercise increases the metabolism and burns calories in high amount. It provides define shapes in your back.


4. V-Bar Seated Cable Row

Back Workout

V-Bar Seated Cable Row works for overall development of your back. It targets the latissimus dorsi (largest muscle part on upper body just below the lats) muscle along with forearm, biceps and triceps muscles.


This exercise is performed horizontally with a bench and foot plates aiming your middle back muscles. It is generally performed at the end of exercise or at the last phases. The pulling strength of upper body increases focusing your back thoroughly.


5. One Arm Dumbbell Row

dumbbell row for back workout

This is one of the best exercise for V-Shaped torso for men. It is generally performed heavy weighted so it is also good for strength training for the arm. Dumbbell row positioning also helps in stronger back and preventing from back injuries.

Along with your back this particular back workout also includes your arm muscle, leg muscle and shoulders. This exercise helps in developing thickness of your middle back better than other workouts.


6. Dead Lift

Deadlift for back


Deadlift is very effective lower back workout and generally performed as strength workout. It is all about lifting the heavy weight above the ground which includes muscle group of lower back, hamstrings, butt, inner thigh, etc.


This is an overall body workout where you need to apply whole strength of your body. If you are suffering back injuries then deadlift helps in recovery process. It makes your back stronger and prevents from further injuries.


Hope you like the variations of back workout mentioned above.


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