Cardio for Life

Cardio For Life And Its Astounding Benefits

Hello guys! Today, we are going to discuss cardio for life. Cardio is a short term used for cardiovascular. Cardio is an aerobic exercise. It means that you exercise with the focus on oxygen.


Aerobic exercise involves you moving your muscles in your limbs repeatedly. It increases your heartbeat, and you breathe faster and more cumbersome. Due to heavy breathing, your blood absorbs an abundant amount of oxygen.


Oxygen is one of the essential components needed in our bodies. How much a person can absorb the oxygen determines how energetic the person is. If a person consumes a large amount of oxygen in his blood vessels, it allows the maximum amount of oxygen to be circulated throughout our body.


The cardio exercise thus helps to improve our oxygen-absorbing capacity. This oxygen-absorbing capacity is known as aerobic capacity.

Cardio Aerobic
Cardio Aerobic


If you search for the importance of cardio for life, you can get tons of articles on the websites. These articles show you what benefits the cardio exercises have on our health. Higher the aerobic fitness, less is the death risks.


According to some studies, aerobic exercises and fitness have no limit. It means that you can increase your aerobic fitness as much as possible and reduce health risks. Thus cardio exercise mainly increases the longevity of the people.


For the beginner to pro, there are tons of exercises ranging from low intensity to high-intensity cardio activities. Some of the tasks that you can do are bicycling, swimming, canoeing, sports, dancing, etc. All you need to do is pick up your hobby and get cardio benefits from it.


Some of the benefits of cardio for life are:


1. Bye-Bye To Heart Problems

We can hear lots of cases nowadays of people suffering from heart diseases. Those people lack aerobic exercises. Thus doctors and health organizations recommend it to the people who are at risk of heart disease.


Cardio exercises improve your heart condition. It strengthens the heart. When you are doing intense cardio exercises, your heart starts to beat faster. The heart beats more quickly because it requires more oxygen to circulate it inside your body. The circulated oxygen breaks down the food and releases energy.

Cardio for life
No Heart Problem


Cardio exercises help us to increase oxygen-absorbing capacity and reduces the fat in your arteries.


The activities raise the good HDL cholesterol and reduce the wrong LDL cholesterol level in the blood.


Thus if you are at the risk of facing heart disease, then you should start performing cardio exercises. According to health associations, a person requires 150 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio exercises per week.


2. Get rid of the sleeping problems

Another advantage of cardio exercises is sound sleep. According to the study, the cardio exercises are so practical that it can even care problem of insomnia.


If you have trouble falling asleep, then cardio exercise is what you lack. Try some cardio workouts, and you will feel the difference and improvement in your condition.


According to a study conducted on a group of people, cardiovascular exercise resulted in being the difference maker for their chronic sleep issues. Participants started performing the cardio exercises for 16 weeks. After 16 weeks, they reported that they had quality sleep and energetic during the day.


However, cardio exercises can also be fatal to people. Cardio exercise, if performed before bedtime, then it can increase the problem for sleeping. So if you are thinking of doing the cardio exercise at night, then finish it 2 hours before bedtime.


3. Improve Your Immune System

According to a study conducted by Pennsylvania State University, Cardio exercises increased the immune system of people. In the study, participants volunteered for the research performed different exercises.


One group of participants exercised on a treadmill for a half-hour. Another group performed intense activity over 30 seconds, and the last group did not do any exercise. The researches took the blood of participants from different groups at different intervals of time.


The researchers at the end studied the blood of the participants of different groups. In the study, they found out an astonishing result. In the blood of the participants who performed the exercise, they found a rise in antibodies called immunoglobulins. These antibodies were the cause of improvement in the immune system.


The study also enlightened the researchers with another fact. Participants in the groups doing exercises also had a low-stress level as they had low cortisol levels.


4. Same loss in weight but less workout time

Another fascinating benefit of cardio exercise is weight loss. In the study conducted, cardio exercises resulted in being a superior exercise for weight loss.


In the study, the researches asked the participants to keep their diet the same and perform cardio exercises for the whole ten months. The participants exercised to burn 400 to 600 calories about five times a week. The researchers were astounded with the result that they found at the end of the study.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss


The result showed that even keeping the diet the same as before, the participants lost 4.3 to 5.7 percent weight. Thus the researches concluded that cardio exercise is superior to other activities in weight loss.


By performing cardio exercises for less time, you can get the same result that you obtained performing another activity for a longer time. So if you are a busy person, have a short time to exercise but want higher results, then cardio exercise is what you need.



Cardio for life exercise from the above discussion can be considered as a gold mine. You invest once and bear the versatile and high amounts of benefits.


If you are a beginner in cardio and want to perform cardio exercise, then you can start with low-intensity cardio exercise. However, you should not stick yourself to these activities. You should explore other options from a variety of activities that you can do. Even playing soccer is cardio exercise!!!

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