Dust Allergies

6 Ways To Prevent Yourself From Dust Allergies

Dust allergies can be annoying and frustrating as well. The persons who are suffering from asthma or any other respiratory problem should maintain their house free from dust.


It is so because dust can aggravate the condition of allergies. Here, in this article, we are going to share some tips are tricks that help you to prevent yourself from dust allergies.


1. Maintain Good Humidity Level

The dust mites can not survive if the humidity level falls down below 50%. It is because dust mites consume water through water droplets in the air. When the humidity level falls down 50%, then it becomes difficult for dust mites to absorb humidity drops. Therefore, if you are trying to tackle dust allergy, then you should first handle the humidity level in your house.


An optimum way to reduce humidity in your house is to install vents in the bathroom and kitchen. The installation of a dehumidifier is also a good idea when you want to observe significant results.


You should invest in that humidifier that can help you to maintain a humidity of less than 50% in the entire house. 


Though reducing humidity levels alone will not provide a good solution. In addition to this, you need to focus on various other factors because dead dust mites will also cause allergic reactions. The latest technology air conditioning Sydney can also help in maintaining low-level humidity.


2. Vacuum Clean Your House

The latest technology vacuum cleaners are integrated with built-in HEPA filters are capable to remove even very small particles of dust.  Thus, the latest technology vacuum cleaner help in removing dust particles from your house and prevent the occurrence of dust mites.


But, the conventional vacuum cleaners are not capable to do this task efficiently. The small size allergens can easily escape from the conventional vacuum cleaner.


Therefore, the old-style vacuum cleaners are not capable enough to remove the allergens. They can aggravate the condition and elevate the allergy symptoms. Therefore, you should use only a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter.


3. Invest In Allergy-Proof Covers

The most commonplace for the generation of dust mites is your bed. If the ambient weather condition is hot and humid, then shedding of a huge amount of skin cells will make an ideal place for thriving dust mites.


Therefore, allergy symptoms are worse at night. You may feel blocked nose, cough, and tight chest due to dust mites. These symptoms will not let you sleep well the whole night. You will continuously feel tired.


The best way to protect yourself from dust mites in your bed is to invest in allergy-proof covers for your bedding. These covers do not kill dust mites but form a barrier between you and dust mites. This will help you to sleep well the whole night.


4. Install Latest Technology Air Conditioning

During hot and humid weather dust mites prevail more. Thus, by installing the latest technology AC such as ducted air conditioning Sydney, you can maintain cool temperatures during summer.


In cold temperatures, dust mites can not prevail for a long time. In addition to this, the ducted air conditioning Sydney can also maintain the ideal humidity level.


Reduce humidity and low temperature helps in killing dust mites and prevent you from dust allergy. Moreover, these air conditioners are integrated with HEPA filters. Therefore, these air conditioners can help in reducing dust from the air.


5. Get Rid Of Carpeted Floor

Though beds are a favorite spot for dust mites, soiled carpets are the second-best place for the dust mites. The carpet fabric can easily trap dirt, dust, skin cells, and food spills.


Thus, they provide a favorable place for dist mites to reproduce. Thus, if you really want to get rid of dust mites, then replace the carpeted floor with different flooring.


There are various hard flooring options and you can easily choose one according to your choice. You can easily clean the hard floor and keep it free from dust and dirt. Thus, the hard floor does not provide favorable conditions for the generation of dust mites.


If you do not want to remove carpet from your entire house, then you should remove them from your bedroom. This will let you sleep well the whole night without any problem. Just like carpets, you should also remove curtains with window shades to get rid of hiding spots of dust mites.


6. Remove Dust with Damp Cloth

You should regularly clean all surfaces in your home. If there are less dust and skin cells in your house, then there will less generation if dust mites that cause problems.


You should never dust with dry cloth because it stirs allergens into the air and aggravates the conditions. Therefore, it is recommended to clean all surfaces in your house with a damp cloth.

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