Everything about Push-Ups

Push-ups is one of the most common full body exercise which i bet everyone is familiar with. Push-ups is the basic form of workout part which doesn’t requires any kind of equipment’s. You can perform push-ups anywhere anytime.


It is the most healthy exercise that you can find. Push-ups are generally start-up workout i.e. which you must learn to get ahead towards advance form of workouts. It is also known as warm-up exercise which you perform before getting into intense workout. This exercise heats-up your body and makes you ready to involve into hardcore exercises.


Push-ups is generally strength building exercise which primarily focuses on activating arms, chest and shoulder muscles.


Benefits of Push-ups


1. Perfect for warm-up of body

Push-up heats your body faster than no any exercise. It stretches the overall muscle of your body and converts the passive muscle into active muscle. You will get a bit of pumped up at the beginning of the exercise which will help in further exercise.


2.  Improve your Body Posture

Push-ups maintains your body posture accurate. It improves and strengths the muscle of back to maintain the stability of the body. After sitting a long day in your office, your posture would bent and destroy your health. All of this is solved after performing push-ups regularly.


3. Boost up your Cardiovascular System

It is believed that the person who performs regular push-ups are 96% less likely to suffer from cardiovascular problems. Push-up keep your cardiovascular system active and healthy.


4. Stronger joints

Push-ups are really good workout for strengthening the joints of your body. It usually focuses on upper part of your body i.e., arms, shoulders and fist. You won’t have to face any future problem of joint pain if you regularly perform push-ups perfectly. 


5. Helps in Muscle build

Push-ups works as the catalyst in muscle building. It boosts up the muscle to hardening and getting stronger. As it frequently activates the muscle, it helps in improving muscle density. 


6. Increase body Strength

Push-up is also consider as strength building exercise. It strengthening the muscle of upper part of the body that includes shoulder, arms and fists. Perform daily of 40-50 push-ups and get stronger.

Push-ups variations for specific muscle groups:

1. Incline Push-up

This push-up specially works for the lower chest muscle and triceps muscle.


2. Decline Push-up

This push-up targets the more of upper chest and shoulder muscles.


3. Traditional/Normal Push-up

Focuses arms, shoulders and chest muscles.


4. Wide-grip push-up

Targets the shoulders muscle.


5. Close-grip push-up

Targets the triceps muscle.


Things to remember while performing push-ups:

1. Keep your body in a straight line.

2. Spread your palms and activate fingers to protect your wrists.

3. Get your hip slightly inclined than your chest.

4. Inhale while going down and exhale as you push yourself up.

5. Get slower momentum than performing faster.

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How to Perform Push-ups Perfectly Step by Step:

1. Get down on the floor with knees and hands.

2. Place your hands slightly wider than shoulder.

3. Place your feet straight back with slightly hip up.

4. Lower your body bending your arms trying to touch ground with chest.

5. Push yourself back up on initial position

6. Repeat the same process.



Push-Ups are really good exercise you need to perform for maintaining your body fitness. It is one of the best and affordable exercise which only provides you good benefit. So, i suggest to start pushing yourself up if you haven’t already started. 


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