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Exercise to Reduce Saggy Belly

No one in the whole world will ever want to have a Saggy Belly. I am sure neither of you would want to have such belly instead you will want slim belly with six-pack abs.


Fitness represents overall development of the body parts where your abdominal plays an important part. Your belly grabs the quick attention of an observer which really need to be slim and better with abs.


Well, if you are having problem with saggy belly and trying to get rid of it, then you have come to the right place. In this article you will have every information that you can apply to your belly to get slim and perfect belly.


Here are top 10 Exercise you need to perform to reduce saggy belly:

1. Crunches

Crunches exercise to reduce saggy belly

Crunches is most common and popular abs exercise to reduce saggy belly. This exercise involves entire abdominal muscle and best for six-back building. 


This workout is designed to tighten belly muscle and tone the core muscle of the body. Whenever you perform crunches, it improves your posture, mobility and flexibility as well. 


Generally, the main focus muscle on performing crunches are rectus abdominus and oblique muscles.


According to study, a person can burn 69 calories in 10 minutes on moderate pace.


2. Mountain Climber

Mountain Climber exercise to reduce saggy belly

Mountain climber is really effective core exercise which also increases your strength to keep you going. This workout not only focuses your saggy belly but also helps in climbing mountain from where the name mountain climber came.


This workout hits your upper abs, lower abs and obliques from every angle. Mountain climber is combination of plank, crunches and bicycle kicks which makes it even more harder and effective.


Mountain climber could be a best exercise to reduce your saggy belly. According to study, a 130 pound person can burn 650 to 700 calories on one hour.

3. Vertical Leg crunch

Vertical leg crunches exercise

This workout is similar to basic crunches except the legs are perpendicular with the floor. Vertical leg crunches is great for core exercise. 


You can get flat belly with tighten abs with regular performance of vertical leg crunches. During this exercise, every core muscles are used including rectus abdominus, lower back extension, transverse abdominal and obliques muscle.


So, basically this workout is even more better and effective than basic crunches. For a person of 170 pound weight, calories burn in 10 minutes is 31.


4. Kettlebell Swing

kettlebell swing exercise to reduce saggy belly

Kettlebell swing is generally used for overall body fitness. This workout is really good for high calorie loss to reduce saggy belly.


This exercise involves your hips, hamstrings, glutes, lats, abs, shoulders, pecs and hand grip. It is great for mobility and flexibility of your overall body muscle.


It is easy and fast way of losing more calories and get toned in short period of time. So, Kettlebell is also really good exercise to reduce saggy belly.


According to study, an average person can burn 20 calories per minutes.


5. Leg raise

Leg raise exercise to reduce saggy belly

Leg raise is core strength training workout that focuses your lower abs and tighten your abdominal muscles.


This workout also involves your thigh muscle that pressurize the abdominal muscle for perfect six-pack abs. It is often performed for rectus abdominus mucles and obliques muscle for tighten and strengthen. 


According to study, a person of weight 150 pound can burn 40 calories in 10 minutes of continuous leg raise workout.


6. Treadmill Running

running in treadmill

Running is most effective and healthy exercise you can find for weight loss and increase strength. You can loss tons of calories running in treadmill. 


Every fitness professional or bodybuilder are through with this workout. This is the key for every fit people. So, if you want to reduce your saggy belly and get flat belly, you must run in treadmill or free run in outside.


This workout is best for weight loss and get toned fitness of the overall body. Running in treadmill with 3 mph of pace can burn 73 calories in 20 minutes.


7. Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle crunches exercise to reduce saggy belly

Bicycle crunches is the best abdominal workout according to ACE (American Council of Exercise). This workout is effective for the overall development of abdominal muscle.


Also, in 2001, bicycle crunches was the winner of best abdominal exercise. Bicycle crunches hits your upper abs, lower abs and obliques all at once.


According to study, an average weighted person can burn 3 calories per minutes.


8. Plank

Woman performing planks

Planks is isometric core exercise in which you have to keep maintaining similar body position until you are capable.


It is best exercise for the core because it builds isometric strength and improves your bosy posture as well. It covers every part of abdominal muscle including arms, back, glutes and hamstrings.


According to research, a person weighted 150 pound can burn 3-4 calories per minute


9. Flutter Kicks

Flutter kicks exercise to reduce saggy belly

Flutter kicks are continuous movement exercise that mainly focuses your lower abdominal muscles plus hip flexors. This workout is best for shape and tone of lower abs. It also strengthen your leg muscles for sure.


You need to perform continuously for numerous number of repetition. It also helps to increase your body strength.


According to research, a person weighted 150 pound can burn 6 calories per minute.


10. Russian Ball Twist

Russian ball twist exercise to reduce saggy belly

Russian ball twist is great workout for your torso muscle and outer abdominal muscles. It is intense abs exercise to reduce saggy belly. 


The twisting movement is the key of this workout that targets your side abs. This workout is beneficial to prevent from cardiovascular diseases like stroke and heart attack.


According to research, a person weighted 150 pound can burn 4-7 calories according to the pace of workout.



If you really wish to have slim and fit body then you must exercise to reduce saggy belly. Follow these abs workout and have a six-pack abs. 


Nothing is impossible guys, get started your workout days from today and be the change.

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