Four Must Do Chest Workout

Chest is the primary focus point of your body. Chest muscle is always the eye catcher of every individual. Also, Chest workout is everyone’s favorite muscle exercise.

Chest workout can be performed in various ways but here are some of the best and effective chest workout list you must add to your workout routine.

1 . Flat Bench Press

Chest Workout

Flat Bench press is one the ideal chest workout. This exercise is performed for muscle gain and strength of upper body.

Flat bench Press is the most common chest workout that every bodybuilder had performed. It is also the basic beginning of chest workout. This exercise primarily focuses the center chest and includes the triceps, back and shoulder.

It is known that any individual can perform flat bench press 2.5X of their own weight. This workout is also done for the power lifting purpose by strong men and soon. It is the best chest workout for your muscle building purpose around the part of chest.

Flat bench press can be performed in various ways focusing different muscle groups i.e. Wide grip flat bench press and Narrow grip flat bench press.

How to Perform Flat Bench Press Step by Step:

1 . Select an affordable amount of weight for effective and complete repetition.

2. Lie down gently on bench with the bar perpendicular to your eyes.

3. Grab the bar not too narrow nor to far, as per your comfort.

4. Lift the bar slowly along with your lower back.

5. Bring the bar slowly up to the lower chest and lift up a bit faster and repeat for appropriate repetition.


Benefits of Flat Bench Press:

1. Increases your upper body strength

2. Stronger pectoralis minor

3. Stronger triceps

4. Muscle build in Upper body

5. Better and thicker chest

2. Incline Dumbbell Press


Incline dumbbell press is the free weight exercise performed mainly focusing to upper part of the chest, i.e. clavicular head of the pectoralis major. As we know upper chest is the most difficult part to develop, this incline dumbbell press is the most effective exercise for the better and faster muscle growth in upper chest.

Frequently performing incline dumbbell press improves more balanced chest, strong shoulder joints. Having a big and well developed upper chest is a great bonus for the chest. This exercise increases your pushing power as performing this workout with heavy free weight requires great effort.

How to perform Incline Dumbbell Press Step by Step:

1 . Pick an suitable weighted dumbbell for you.

2. Lie on the inclined bench lifting the dumbbell right upward your upper chest.

3. Bring the both dumbbell downwards slowly at the same time for the perfect stretch of chest muscle.

4. Uplift the dumbbells together slightly faster for the perfect squeeze and bigger chest.

Benefits of Incline Dumbbell Press:

1 . Balance between each side of body.

2. Performing this workout both of your arms will be equally stronger as each arms works individually.

3. Thick Upper chest muscle.

4. Upper body strength increases.

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3. Flat Bench Dumbbell Fly


Flat Bench Dumbbell fly is very good exercise for the chest. This exercise cover every part of the chest to pump blood into the area.

I personally love this exercise and perform on every chest day. This is a best exercise for wider and larger chest. It stretches out the chest muscle so good that you will instantly feel the change.

How to perform flat dumbbell fly step by step:

1 . Start from lighter weight and lie down the flat bench.

2. Place the both dumbbell straight up to your chest with slightly bending your arms.

3. Slowly open your both arms together downwards stretching your chest.

4. After perfect stretch, slowly go to previous position by squeezing your chest.

Benefits of Flat dumbbell fly.

1 . Width of the chest increases.

2. Pushing Strength of body increases.

3. Stronger arms and shoulders.

4. Cable Crossover

Chest Workout

Cable crossover is well known for lower chest exercise. This exercise is similar to dumbbell fly but the position and portion of muscle target is different. The whole body force is applied during this exercise to squeeze the chest in lower part.

This exercise is effective for building strong pectoral muscle. Cable crossover attacks the chest muscle continuously to the same portion and provides optimal result.

How to perform Cable crossover step by step:

1 . Initially pick a light weight for startup, and stand on the middle of cable cross machine.

2. Pull both of the handle and lean forward with one foot ahead.

3. Now, pull the cable with both of your hands with equal effort and squeeze the chest crossing your arms.

4. Slowly release the cable to stretch the chest and repeat point number 3.

Benefits of Cable Crossover:

1 . Help in defining chest muscle

2. Increase upper strength

3. Increase lower chest muscle

Add these chest workout exercise to your list for better and bigger chest.

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