High Protein Meat

Meats that Serve High Protein in Every Bite

Meat is no doubt the number #1 and one of the best with high protein source food you can find. If you wish to grow quality muscular meat in your body then, meat is the best option for you.


Now, there might be people who aren’t getting proper result even though they are eating meat in regular purpose. They have to understand that there are certain types and part of the meat that carries quality and high protein. And that is what all of you are looking for.


So, we are here to make sure that none of your protein goes waste from your daily meal and gets quality protein from a lump of high protein-packed meat.


1. Boneless Pork Chops

Boneless Pork Chops
Boneless Pork Chops

You might not believe, but boneless pork chops rank the highest place on providing the maximum amount of protein among the meat. The lean pork chops are equally delicious to eat and are filled with protein in every bite.


This particular meat will provide you with 26 gram of protein per 3 oz. of serving. Not every part of the meat can provide you with 26 gram of protein which is why we provide you with specific detail so that you can be more selective during the purchase as well.


Also, your protein can get destroyed during the cooking process, so while cooking this boneless pork chops, soak the meat with water and salt for about an hour before cooking to preserve the protein.


2. Turkey or Chicken Breast

High Protein Meat
Chicken Breast

I am pretty sure to say that there isn’t a bodybuilder who is unknown of chicken breast for a high protein. It is also a common protein source on meat that people have as their protein source. No matter whether you workout or not, for the sake of protein on your body, proteins are needed, and there is no better than having chicken breast a day.


Chicken breast is easily available meat with the protein of 24 gram per 3 oz of serving. Chicken breast has low fat amongst the chicken and makes sure you peel off the skin. To preserve the high amount of protein, it is best to have the meat only by boiling the meat in hot water.


3. Round Steak

Round Steak
Round Steak

Steak is another high protein meat with which you will fall in love. Round steak with perfect cooked will blow your mind to have it every day. Round steak is recommended as it provides higher protein than another part of the steak.


This particular type of meat provides you with 23 gram of quality protein per 3 oz of serving. You can have round steak with favourable price than other parts of the beef. In case of steak, it is always good to have a bit thicker steak as lean steak dry off sooner, destroying the protein.


4. Canned Tuna

High Protein Meat
Canned Tuna

Tuna provides high-quality protein as it is almost free of fat and contains the essential amino acids for better and quicker growth of the body. Canned Tuna is also suitable for a healthy heart and of course, a perfect muscular body.


Canned Tuna provides you 22.6 gram of high-quality protein per 3 oz of serving. One benefit of having canned Tuna is that you can eat the food anytime instantly as it comes with properly cooked in canned. You can simply serve on the plate and have your high-quality protein into your body.


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