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How long should you workout at the gym?

You find people working out before you even started your warm-up and even working out after you finish your every set of workouts. So, why do people workout longer or shorter? Well, it depends upon the goal of workouts and whether you are a beginner or professional.


Now the question comes if you are a beginner, then how long should you workout at the gym? Or, if you are a professional then how long? If you are confused then you won’t be after reading this article. I am here to clear out your issues on how long should you workout at the gym.


It also depends on the situation whether you are looking for bulking or weight loss because if you want to bulk then you shouldn’t train more instead you have to eat more. And likewise for weight loss training more and losing more calorie is the best way.


It’s not always about the amount of time your train, It about the quality of your workout and having positive results.


How long should you workout at the gym?

It might be the most frequently heard question from your gym mates, which depends upon every individual. There are some factors that can filter the workout time for an individual to determine how long should you workout at the gym:


1. Level of Fitness (Beginner)

The most primary and basic thing to consider is the level of your fitness, whether you are beginner or professional. In case you are new to gym then training for hours might be risky to your body. You might get negative impacts and would hate the workout at the moment. For a beginner, it is better if your workout basics, i.e., (warm-up/cocktail) workouts for 3-4 days straight.


This will warm-up your body muscle and prepare for hard workouts to actually make some changes to the body. If you train hard on day 1 then it is sure you will be lying on the bed for rest of the day. So, always warm-up your muscles before a workout. It prevents injuries and increases your passion for workout.


Now, a beginner should spend about 30-45 minutes with the rest of 1-1.5 minutes after each set. Every exercise should be performed only under the recommendation of fitness trainer.

2. Level of Fitness (Professional)

Now, in case you are a trained professional and been training for many years, 30-45 minutes would be your warm-up and cardio time. If you are looking for weight loss and cutting your muscles then you better workout more than 90 minutes because you need to train more number of sets and repetition, and also you need to provide more time for cardio exercises.


On the other hand, if you wish to bulk and adding muscles then train about 60 minutes to 90 minutes a day. You would need focus and concentration during your workout. Your repetition speed should be slower and should workout with heavyweights. And definitely you have to eat like a monster.

3. Types of Workout

Well, this definitely affects the time table of your workout. You can assume cardio and weight lifting workout as a type of workout. In cardio, you can lose 100 calories in 5 minutes as well as 100 calories in 20 minutes.


Suppose you are running in a treadmill with a speed of 20 miles per hour; it surely will cover 100 calories within 5 minutes, but running 5 miles per hour requires longer time period. It also depends on which workout are you performing. If you are performing burpees then you can lose more calories in short period time and if you are performing normal crunches then you need to work longer.

Types of workout
High-Intense Workout

Likewise, on weight lifting workout, there comes a high-intensity workout and low-intensity workout. Low-intensity are those kinds of workout where your heartbeat rate is below 50% and where you workout with less weight. Whereas, high-intensity are those where your heartbeat rate is above 70% where you workout with heavy and high weights.


You might need more time for a high-intensity workout because you need more rest time in between the sets. But, in low-intensity workout, you are calm throughout the workout and can easily complete the sets with short amount of rest time.

4. One muscle a day or Two muscle a day

You can find people who are not sufficient with working one muscle a day so they workout two muscle a day, i.e. chest and triceps, back and biceps, shoulder and legs. Surely, person who does two muscles a day needs double of time to workout than person who workouts one muscle a day.

5. Types of People at the Gym

Some people consider gym clubs as their workout platform whereas some people consider as meet up a platform where they can meet up with friends and have a chit chat and make plans for the night or next day.

types of people in gym
Selfie Models

And then comes fitness models, these are the most irritating people at gym clubs hanging with their smartphones taking mirror selfies and videos. These people train less and capture more. These kinds of people spend more time hanging around the gym clubs and talking to their partners.


Those who are really serious to their fitness and leaves the smartphone of their locker, they are very focused on the workout and finishes faster than other peoples.

Focus on your workout not the time you spend

Actually checking your workout time is a total foolishness. Really there is no time limit in training. You may encounter many situation that will consume your time while workout such as:

1. Running for wash room

2. Drinking water

3. Warm-up sets

4. Time to change your clothes

5. Rest between sets

6. You might need to wait for your turn

Focus on Workout

So, there is no any exact meaning of time that any individual can manage to their workout. Sometimes it might be soon over and sometimes you might take longer.


The only thing it matters is to workout every set correctly targeting your specific goal of fitness.


How long will it generally take to workout?

On average, it takes in between 45 minutes to 90 minutes. Whatever or however your workout routine might be excluding cardio, you can easily cover your workout with in that time.


Basically, there is no such thing as workout time, there is only workout routines that you need to follow and complete at that day. Just believe in yourself and keep on training until your sets are over and until the feeling of satisfaction comes over you.


Don’t take watch or mobile phones with you while workout so that you won’t have to see the time you have workout. Always train hard and give your best and you will automatically feel the change on your body.

So, which muscle are you training today?

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