Weight loss workouts

How many times a week should i go to the gym to lose weight?

If you really wish a change in your body either losing your weight or gaining muscles, you need to take your routine seriously with strict discipline.


You need to train both the cardiovascular and strength training for quick weight loss effectively without any negative effect to your fitness. For proper weight management, the most appropriate amount of weight loss is 1-2 pounds a week. Else your body might feel more of a change which could be bad for your health and fitness.


On the five days of workout include 2-3 days of strength training workouts which will increase your strength while losing weight as well.


How many times a week?

As we discussed, it’s better for your health if only one to two pounds is loosen. You need to burn 3,500 calories to lose 1 pound (0.4 kilogram) of fat. So, losing 700 calories is more than enough for a normal people. That’s why going to gym 5 days a week and losing a pound in a week will be healthy weight lose to your body.


Another technique to lose your weight is, increasing your number of workout repetition.


This is a really effective technique which most of the bodybuilder apply while losing the weights. It also helps your body to get in shape. Initially, start with intense weight lifting workouts and end with cardio exercises including running as well which helps to burn more calories. 

Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss

You might already know some of the cardio workouts or might have even used some like crunches, sit-up, etc. Cardio might be the first word you will hear on the topic fitness. It is the most common workouts to lose your abdomen fats and although your overall body fat.

Now, for your ease, here are some of the best cardio workouts for healthy weight loss.

1. Crunches

Crunches for abs


Crunches is the most common and popular abdominal workout for slim and flat stomach. It is such an effective that it burns 31 calories in 10 minutes with an average weight of 175 pounds. 


Benefits of Crunches

1. Burns more calories

2. Strengthen your abdomen muscles

3. Increase your mobility and strength


2. Hanging Leg Raise

hanging leg raise for lower ab workout


Hanging leg raise is really effective workout for abdominal workout for six-pack abs. Now, for an average person of 160 pounds, he/she can lose 152.5 calories in 10 minutes. This is very hard workout but effective for weight loss.


Benefits of Handing Leg Raise:

1. Increases grip strength

2. Burns more calories

3. Great for abs and legs


3. Bicycle Crunches


Bicycle workout is intense workout for weight less which also targets your abdomen fats and dissolves them faster. Actually, this workout was nominated as the best abdominal workout for weight loss. It can burn up to 43 calories in 10 minutes with the body weight of 150 pounds.


Benefits of Bicycle Crunches

1. Improves flexibility 

2. Good for abs

3. Increase strength and burns calories


4. TreadMill Running

treadmill running for weight loss


Treadmill running is no more different than running in open. It is the most basic weight loss exercise which almost every individual is familiar with. Running in treadmill can burn 135 calories in 10 minutes with the speed of 6 mph. 


Benefits of Running in Treadmill:

1. Burns more calories

2. Increase stamina and strength

3. Improves overall body development


5. Burpees


Burpees is an intense workout for your overall body development. It is really good exercise for weight loss and burning high amount of calories. Burpees can burn 94 calories within 10 minutes. This workout is an combination of multiple workout done in four steps i.e.

1. Lower your upper body placing your hands on the ground

2. Kick back your legs and get into plank position

3. Perform a push-up and get up immediately

4. Finally jump yourself in small height


Benefits of Burpees:

1. High calories burn out

2. Increases stamina and strength

3. Improves mobility and develops overall body


Always remember that Quality is more important than Quantity. So, make your every day count.

Strength Training For Weight Loss

Only performing cardio exercises won’t increase your body strength, it only increases the stamina which might not be  enough. So, you need to provide time for both of the training.

1. Squats

weight lifting workouts


Squat is the King of all workouts specially for legs and strengths. During this workout your overall body participates for the strength. It increases your power, strength and helps to provide perfect fitness to your body. You should perform squat at least once a week to maintain the form of strength. You also lose lots of calories while performing squats.


Benefits of Squats:

1. Burns more fat

2. Increase your strength and power

3. Improve posture and mobility

4. Stronger legs

5. Preventing Injuries


2. Deadlift


Deadlift is an extreme weight lifting exercise to challenge your strength. It is the simple process where you lift the weighted barbell and stand straight. As squats, during deadlift also participates your overall body muscles for the workout.


Benefits of Deadlift:

1. Stronger Back

2. Pull-Up strength increases

3. Helps in recovery process

4. Improve grip strength


3. Bench Press

weight lifting workouts


Bench press is really great workout for your upper body strength which specially focuses on chest, triceps and shoulders. It increases your pushing power where you lie down on flat bench and push the loaded barbell upwards only with the support of your arms.


Benefits of bench press:

1. Increase upper body strength

2. Thicker and bigger chest

3. Increase more muscle

4. Prevents muscle imbalance



Stop counting your days and get regular if you can manage your time. Don’t let anything come between your workout and you. Work hard and get addicted to fitness and get the results automatically. Having a healthy diet and regular exercise will surely lose your over weight and increase your fitness.

Therefore, you need to workout at least 4-5 days a week to maintain and have a perfect body.


So, how many days do your workout a week?

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