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How to make Skin thinner for Bodybuilding?

Skin thinner! Sounds crazy, right? Well, this is what today’s generation of bodybuilder desires. Having paper-thin skin like the back of your palm is one of the attributes to make bodybuilder more freaky and ripped. Making your body covered with paper-thin skin is out of human body limitation. Only professional bodybuilder who sacrifices their life over bodybuilding make it possible with the use of external resources.


If you are looking for such freaky change into your body then today i will tell you how to make skin thinner for bodybuilding.


1. Lowering body fat

You must have low body fat for being shredded and win a bodybuilding contest. For a thinner skin and getting ripped, your level of body fat should be at the range of 5 to 8 percent. If your body consumes more amount of fat then you might not be able to reach your goal.


How to make skin thinner for Bodybuilding
Lowest body fat


To achieve that percent of body fat, you should strictly follow your diet routine with almost zero percentage of fat and the maximum percentage of protein. Also, your training hour should increase than normal days.


2. Use of Steroids and Growth Hormone

As i said before getting thinner skin is out of human body capacity, so to obtain this feature to your body, you will need to help of anabolic steroids. Believe it or not, you have to use necessary amount of steroid to achieve the impact.


No steroid or drug can build muscle or lose body fat until your diet and workout routine is weak.

You can find different kinds of steroid change the skin so, before taking it you need to consult experienced bodybuilder to recommend the drug. Also, bodybuilder uses Thyroid hormone as the aspect to lower the body fat. Overuse of these drugs or misuse can cause severe injury to the body.


3. Lots of Cardio

Cardio is a basic need for getting shredded body. So, you need to perform cardio every single day to make your skin thinner and thinner. You might want to perform cardio twice a day to lose fat and get shredded.


Cardio for fat loss
Treadmill Running


If your body is lacking the cardio workout, then no matter how much you train or control your diet, you won’t be able to lose the fat percent and gain that thin skin. No drugs or steroid can change your body until your diet and exercise are managed properly.


4. Diet is the key

Your diet is what determines the result of your body. If you intake more fat then you will get fatter, whereas if you eat more protein and less fat then you will get shredded and well defined.


Diet is the Key
Diet is the Key


You should follow strict diet planning your nutrition, creating calorie deficit by consuming less calorie than your body requires. It is better to consume less starchy carbohydrate foods like bread, cereals, rice, etc. And increase the number of healthy salads.


5. Water Manipulation

Bodybuilders to enhance their muscle definition to the next level, they dehydrate their body before the timing of bodybuilding contest. Now, to lose water weight and get muscle definition, bodybuilders use drug called diuretics that can cause severe injury as well as sudden death. The legendary IFBB pro-Mohammed Benaziza is an example who died due to intake of this drug.


6. Genetic factor

People without much of the effort to get thinner skin also achieve the paper-thin skin because of the genetic factor. They are born naturally with thinner skin as a gift for bodybuilding. Also, there are people with ultra-thick skin, and no matter how hard they try to compete they can’t match people with genetically thinner skin.


If you really wish to have thin skin, then the best way is to reduce the body fat within a single-digit up to 5% and get automatically thinner skin without the use of heavy drugs that might cause your death.



Taking bodybuilding out the the box will be non other than craziness. Bodybuilding is good only for fitness purpose and it is better if there is no any consumption of steroid and other drugs in the name of extreme and making skin thinner for bodybuilding. Because aiming to the extreme might only be the biggest regret of your life.


So, always take a bodybuilding as a sport and getting fit.

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