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Lower ab workout | 9 Killer Lower ab workouts you must try

The fastest fat storing area of our body is the lower portion of the belly. So, do you want to get rid of your lower belly fat? If so, read the complete article and follow the lower ab workout tips and get shredded.


Six-pack coming soon!! well it won’t come any sooner if you lack proper lower ab workouts. Getting shredded six-pack abs isn’t easy job as adding muscles on your body parts. You need to sacrifice a lot and train every day targeting your abdominal muscles.


According to the study, the best way to perform a lower ab workout is with the involvement of leg, hip flexors, and lower abdomen. So, get started with the following workout tips:

1. Hanging Leg raise

hanging leg raise for lower ab workout


Hanging leg raise is one of the most effective and hardest lower ab workout. 

How to perform hanging leg raise step by step:

1. Grab the bar with both your hands slightly shoulder-width apart.

2. Get into straight position and slowly raise the legs upwards.

3. Raise your legs until they are 90 degree with your torso.

4. Slowly lower the legs and return to initial position.


While performing this workout, you need to keep your torso and hip still. If your hips or torso is unstable and moving then the efficiency of hanging leg raise would be minimum. And instead of pressurizing your lower abdominal you feel pain on your hips. 

2. Mountain Climber

Mountain climber lower ab workout

Mountain climber is intense killer lower ab workout that increase your heart rate and loss lots of calories. During this workout almost every muscle of your body activates i.e. biceps, triceps, delts, chest, legs and surely abdominal. 

How to perform mountain climber step by step:

1. Get down on grounds with support of both the hands and legs (similar to plank position).

2. Keep your body straight and place your hand perpendicular to your shoulder.

3. Pull your knee towards your hand as far you can.

4. Pull the knee alternatively one after another and repeat as much you can.


While performing this workout, make sure your position is perfectly straight. Try to avoid bouncing your toes while movement. Also stretch back your legs and touch the floor with your toes.


3. Flutter kicks

Flutter kick lower ab workout

Flutter kicks is the great lower ab workout that only participates movement of legs. It is the workout for your core abdominal.

How to perform flutter kicks step by step:

1. Lie down on your back facing the sky.

2. Place your both hand under the buttocks.

3. Keep a straight position and start raising your legs alternatively one after another with some pace.

4. Repeat the movement with same pace as long you can.


While performing this workout, make sure your back touches the floor and also make sure that your feet is on air all the time. 

4. Reverse Crunch

Reverse crunches for abs

Reverse crunch is a great core workout for your lower abdominal muscles plus it also improves the stability of lower back.

How to perform reverse crunch step by step:

1. Lie down on the floor facing the sky.

2. Place your hands straight parallel with your body.

3. Initially, bend your knee and raise your legs stay in Z position.

4. Now, pull your knees towards your face pressurizing the abdominal muscle.

5. Get back to number 3 position and repeat the process.


While performing this workout you need to focus more on your abdominal muscle that your movement. Moving to fast or rolling to far or even rolling to low does not provides you good results. 

5. Dead bug

Dead bug for abs

Dead bug is named because of the workout positioning that is similar to the bug lying on their back. This workout is great for your overall body development specially lower abdominal and back.

How to perform dead bug step by step:

1. Lie down on your back facing the sky.

2. Raise your hands perpendicular to your body.

3. Bend the knees and life your thigh perpendicular to your body.

4. Now, move your hand and legs as shown in the above video.

5. Repeat with similar pace and focus your lower abs.


Things that you need to consider while performing this lower ab workout is you need to keep the movement slow and concentrate on every move of your hands and legs. Also, make sure your back is totally in contact with the floor.

6. Slider Knee Tuck

Slider knee tuck for lower ab workout

Slider knee tuck is a core workout for lower abs that involves your overall body parts. It improves the stability and flexibility of your body.

How to perform slider knee tuck step by step:

1. Get down on plank positioning with both of your toes on sliding gliders.

2. Bend your knees and drag them towards your chest without lifting your toes.

3. Then stretch back the legs into straight position and repeat the process.


Things that you need to consider while performing this lower ab workout is, the placement of the hands should stay still all the time. Your toes shouldn’t release the gliders until you are done with workout.

7. Rolling Side Plank

Rolling side plank for lower ab workout

Rolling side plank is really good workout for your abdominal muscles and obliques. Along with abs, it targets your back, shoulders and arms.

How to perform rolling side plank step by step:

1. Initially, get into plank position

2. Now, roll yourself to 90 degree with support of legs and forearm making a straight line.

3. Roll back to your normal plank position 

4. Finally, roll yourself to another side with 90 degree with support of legs and forearm making straight body position.


While performing this workout, make sure your body is making straight line and don’t let your hip sag at any condition. Also, don’t move your back and focus on your abdominal. 

8. Leg raise

leg raise for abs

Leg raise is really great workout for your lower abs. It is strength core exercise that involves your legs as the primary part.

How to perform leg raise step by step:

1. Lie down on your workout mat.

2. Place your both hands below your buttocks.

3. Join your legs and raise the legs up to 90 degree compressing your lower abs.

4. Lower down the legs and repeat the process multiple times as much you are capable of.


During this workout, remember that not to touch the ground while lowering your legs. Do not move your upper body parts and create as much pressure you can on your lower abs.

9. Bicycle Crunch

bicycle crunches for lower ab workout

Bicycle crunch is one of the best abdominal workout and also really great for your lower abs muscle.

How to perform bicycle crunches step by step:

1. Lie down on your workout mat.

2. Place your hands behind your head.

3. Slowly, bend your left knee and drag it towards your right elbow where your right elbow is dragging your upper body towards your left knee.

4. Now, repeat the process similar to your right knee and left elbow.

5. Perform the repetition multiple time to get perfect lower abs.


While performing this lower ab workout, always use your alternative body i.e. left knee and right elbow. Also, during this workout, your torso need to be engaged all time not your hips. So, make sure your hip is stable and let your torso do the job for you.



Never say no to your abdominal workouts as it is the most important workout for your body. Having a slim and tough belly is always a bonus for your fitness. 


So, train your abdominal muscles 3-4 days a week and maintain your fitness over the limit.

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