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Top 5 Men’s Exercise Magazines

Men’s exercise magazines are quite helpful magazines for getting health-related information. They contain diverse knowledge about different aspects of Health.


Beginner or a pro, there is no end to the process of learning and gaining new insights into your daily life. The perfect source to get the ideas, suggestions, information, advice regarding your health-related matter is men’s exercise magazines.


These magazines help you to know new things and realize what you are doing wrong in your current routines, taking you one step closer to your health-specific goals. Whether your target is losing belly or building large muscles, men’s exercise magazines are there for you to help you in your journey.


The specialty of magazines is that it excitingly provides information. When you have a book made up of glossy paper filled with colorful pictures and texts, containing secrets of celebrities, this will tempt you to read the book. Magazines provide the exact vibe just explained before.


If you are confused and trying to make up your mind to select magazines to read, then here are some of the best magazines that you surely will love.


Men’s Health magazine

Men’s Health is the World’s most prominent men’s magazine brand. Hearst publishes 35 editions in 59 countries. The magazine is the best-selling men’s magazine. The magazine used to focus on men’s health at first, but it now delivers diverse topics, including Fitness, nutrition, sexuality, and lifestyle.

Men's Health Magazine
Men’s Health Magazine

Men’s Health magazine is also considered one of the World’s top fitness magazines. The magazines provide people with the news, trends, and versatile techniques related to a healthy life for men.  The primary topics in the magazine are food, fashion, and Fitness.  This magazine also motivates the people by showing the people who have successfully transformed a big belly into a fit one.


Runner’s World

Another top exercise magazine on our list is runner’s world magazine. Runner’s World magazine was introduced by Bob Andersin in 1966. However, it thrived in the 1970s. Runner’s World is published six times a year in the English language.


This magazine is those for men who are obsessed with running as their fitness moto. This magazine covers all your needs for running. Its contents consist of product reviews, events, techniques, and other topics related to running.


The magazine is suitable for everybody, whether the beginner or pro. The magazine also incorporates the interviews of famous runners around the globe. From their conversation, you can extract the idea of how to make your running more effective. In case you want to know about the gears that will be suitable for running, you can also find the advertisements in the magazine.


Muscle and Fitness

Muscle and Fitness is another top magazine added to our list. The magazine was founded in 1935 by Joe Wieder. It is a monthly published magazine.  The magazine consists of a significant subject as bodybuilding and Fitness.


The magazine is popular among the readers who are looking to read the information regarding nutritious diet, fitness regime, celebrity training programs, workout programs, and so on.


This magazine has a history of featuring celebrities on its cover page. Some of the stars include Muhammad Ali, 50 cents, Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Stephanie Mcmahon, Dwayne Johnson, and so on.


Flex magazine

As the muscle and fitness magazine, Flex magazine is also a Joe Weider’s publication. Joe Weider published this magazine in 1983.  The magazine has had a significant impact on people all around the world since then.


The magazine features our popular hero Arnold Schwarzenegger. The interviews of Arnold Schwarzenegger revealing his secret for building a great body. According to him, he uses traditional methods and techniques for making his iron body. 


Unlike Joe Weider’s other publication, Muscle and Fitness,  Flex magazine sheds light considerably on hardcore and professional bodybuilding. It is not for those readers who are looking to read magazines for getting tips related to how to have a lean and thin body.


The owner merged Flex magazine with its counterpart Muscle and Fitness in 2018. The owner also combined the two websites into one.


Men’s Fitness

The last magazine, our list is Men’s Fitness magazine, founded in 1987. The magazine provides diverse and broad content related to making our health fit and healthy. The materials of the magazine comprise celebrity workout, workout recipes, fashion advice, sex tips, gadget information, skincare advice, and so on.


The magazine has the slogan “How the best man wins” and dramatically focuses on men of ages 21-40 years. The magazine has featured various celebrities on its cover page. Some of them include John Cena, Robert Downey Jr., Joe Weider himself, and so on.



Magazines are a great source to gain information regarding health-related matters. But nothing will change if you do not implement these things in your daily life. So you should not only read about the nutritious food you should take and instead eat junk food. But you should commit yourself to try nutritious food in your life since then.


Reading the magazine about the exercise and spending your time on the bed is going to take you nowhere. So study the magazine and enlighten your daily health-related life with the teachings.

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