Obliques Muscle

5 Obliques Muscle Workout for a Slim Belly

Does your belly feels like a stacked up tires and feel ashamed to take off your clothing due to your fat and bulky belly? Well, then I have got a perfect solution for your obliques muscle which is stacked up like a tire around your belly.


Most people keep focusing and workout more on their upper and lower abs but lack proper workout on obliques muscle which really does matter to reduce your belly size. Also, having a perfect shape and cuts of muscle part on obliques is one of the best achievement on your belly.


For proper six-pack ab, your obliques muscle plays an important role which is why today we bring your five of the best workouts for your obliques muscle.


1. Russian Twist

Russian Twist
Russian Twist

Twist and turn definitely focuses on your side belly, i.e., obliques muscle. So, I always prefer and recommend to add a Russian twist on their workout routine during their abs day. This is a basic obliques workout that you can perform anywhere without any equipment but it is better if you use a swiss ball or any ball during the workout.


Stepwise instructions:

1. Sit down on the ground bending your knees and holding a ball.

2. Slightly lean back your upper body maintaining a V-shaped position.

3. Now, start twisting your upper body to the right and to the left holding the ball.

4. Keep twisting in a constant position without moving your legs and hand position.


2. Side Plank Lift

Obliques muscle
Side Plank Lift

A normal plank covers both upper and lower abs but lacks your obliques muscle. So, side plank lift is what you need to burn your obliques fat. Here you will perform the plank sideways to focus your side abs. This exercise might be quite challenging for beginners but this is the exercise that can change the structure of your obliques.


Stepwise instructions:

1. Lie on either side with the support of your elbow and leg forming a straight position.

2. Lift up your hips making a straight line from your heels to head.

3. Keep your other leg on top of the leg touching ground.

4. Hold the position focusing on your core and glutes.

5. Slowly get your hips own and begin the same process on turning to a different side.


3. Hanging Obliques Knee Raise

Hanging knee raise
Hanging knee raise

Now here comes the real deal to perform these hanging obliques knee raise which might be super hard if you haven’t tried this before. And remember one thing that the harder your workout is the better it effects. So, if you want better results in less time then never miss out on this handing obliques knee raise during your side abs workout.


Stepwise instructions:

1. Grab the hanging bar with both your hands and bend the knees towards yourself.

2. Now, while raising your knees instead of bringing straight towards your upper body, raise towards your obliques.

3. Raise your knees alternatively to the right and to the left focusing on your core.

4. Repeat the exercise until you can hold the hanging bar and burns your obliques muscle.


4. Lying Obliques crunch

Obliques Crunch
Obliques Crunch

Lying Obliques crunch is an essential abdominal exercise to add on your ab workout routine for a ripped and strong core muscle. This is an easy exercise that most of the people perform for their obliques which is slightly standard than normal crunches. While performing this exercise, you can choose the level of difficulty with the reach on your waist.


Stepwise instructions:

1. Lie down on the ground on either side of your body with one leg touching the ground and other on top of that leg.

2. Slightly bend your knees and open your lower hand making 90 degrees with your body.

3. Place your other hand bending on your head and start to crunch trying to touch your waist with your elbow.

4. Crunch as far as you can without moving your lower body.

5. Turn on the other side and repeat the process multiple times until your obliques muscle heats up.


5. Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle Crunches
Bicycle Crunches

Last but not least, the bicycle crunch is the best ab workout admired by American Council of Exercise (ACE). Crunches are surely the best ab workout that shouldn’t be missed. Now for the side abs, bicycle crunch is the one that you shouldn’t miss. During this workout all of your abdominal muscle, upper abs, lower abs and obliques muscle works.


Stepwise instructions:

1. Lie down on your back with slightly lifting up the head and shoulders.

2. Place both hands on the back of your heads without pressuring your head.

3. Now, lift your right knee towards your left chest and gently return back the legs.

4. Lift your another knee towards your right chest focusing your core muscle.

5. Repeat the process in slightly fast motion for more effectiveness.


As always follow the routine yourself to get change in yourself. Never say tomorrow and start working out today and start making the change on your body. Click here if you want the routine for lower abs and click here for upper abs.

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