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5 Types of Braces Used in Orthodontic Treatment

With the advancement of modern dentistry, patients are getting benefitted from much orthodontic treatment. There are many options to choose from, which was possible in earlier times.


Depending upon the type of orthodontic treatment you like and also to an extent what clinical condition you are going through, you can choose from the varied different styles and brands.


As per the orthodontic treatment needs of the patients, your dentist will recommend the type of braces that suits you. Modern dentistry has advanced rapidly and is still growing to give optimum benefit to patients.


The most renowned type of London braces that has helped patients in uplifting their confidence is the Invisalign. Though other than clear aligners, you will find many such options to go for.


These aligners help in moving your teeth in their ideal position. It takes some time ranging from months to a few years, depending upon your case. Let’s find out the five most common types of braces that might fit your situation.


Metal Braces


Metal braces are the oldest types. You remember that college-going girl having her first semester with those metal braces and glass on. She looks ridiculous, and people make fun of her! Now that’s what you are conditioned to portray what a studious girl looks like.


Metal braces have been the first option in cosmetic dentistry to get more proportioned teeth. These traditional braces contain metal brackets that enable your teeth to put slight pressure.

Metal Braces
Metal Braces

These brackets are connected with each other through a metal wire that is threaded through them. They might look ridiculous on your face as these metal brackets are easily visible, but most of the teenage groups are onto these traditional types of braces. It is the reason being, they are very cheap and also work faster.


If you want something where you don’t have to wait for too long to get the ideal shape of your teeth, then choosing these traditional braces must be on your priority list. If you get back to the history of metal braces, you will find that the materials used in creating these brackets were obvious and often quite annoying for the individual wearing them (remember that first-semester teenage girl?).


It had many flaws like that of its size and intrusiveness. Modern dentistry wants to give comfort to people. Hence today’s brackets have become very smaller and are not as annoying as it used to be. Advanced technology has successfully made wires in such a way that it helps the process to get much faster than before.


Also, you will have relatively less pain than before. Now, if you want to be much more creative with your rackets, you can customize the color of the rubber bands as per your taste.


Ceramic Braces


Ceramic braces are just like metal braces, but you won’t see those metal brackets. Instead, you will have a clear line, and thus they are less visible to the eyes of people. These braces were taken as a choice for metal braces because metal wires are much more visible, and a lot of people hate that.


Ceramic brackets are made out of ceramic material, which is a plus point for individuals wearing them as this material has the same texture and color as that of your natural teeth. Hence, if someone wears ceramic brackets on their teeth, it would be very less noticeable.

Ceramic Braces
Ceramic Braces

If some patients still complain about the visibility of the braces, the orthodontist will also change the color of the wire to that of your teeth, which will make the entire process entirely invisible. This way, the patient can wear the brackets without having to be a source of fun preparing for others. As compared with the metal brackets of traditional types, these ceramic braces are less noticeable, and hence they became trendy once they came out.


You will find ceramic braces in most of the cosmetic dental clinics today, but they are a slight bit costly than the traditional braces. Ceramic braces also offer the patients a much faster result.


The only condition of keeping these braces in good condition is to follow a healthy cleaning habit. These brackets tend to stain if not taken care of. These types of wires might have some discomfort for the wearer as the metal brackets, or the cables could be problematic to your speech, and when you eat or brush.


Lingual Braces


Lingual braces work just like the metal braces; the difference is they are fitted inside of the teeth rather than on teeth itself. The plus point of these braces is, they work exactly like traditional braces, but they are placed inside the teeth. Hence, no one can ever find out if you are onto a straightening treatment.


People can only notice them once you open your mouth, but still, they are non-intrusive, and hence you can enjoy your life without having to overthink on brackets. Lingual braces are perhaps not such a right choice for patients as it gives a lot of reasons to not go with this treatment.

Lingual Braces
Lingual Braces

When you are put on a straightening treatment, the number one thing you have to be over conscious of is the cleaning method. Cleaning your teeth, especially after the braces are essential as the chances of getting stuck with foods will increase multiple times.


Lingual braces can also be inappropriate when you talk. Since the brackets are fitted inside your teeth, that’s the area that is not so proper for enough cleaning. You might miss areas where it needs to be cleaned.


Much orthodontic treatment has a learning curve for speech. Hence, you can pick up your usual way of speaking after the treatment gets over. Your dentist won’t recommend you this lingual braces if you have any orthodontic conditions. The treatment with lingual braces is quite long, and they are also expensive. Hence a lot of patients don’t recommend this.


Self-ligating Braces


Self-ligating braces work similarly to traditional and ceramic braces. They, too, have a bracket and wire system. The only difference you can find in this is that the brackets are connected with clips that hold the wire.


They are not connected with a rubber band as there in traditional or ceramic braces. These brackets were designed to give minimal pain and also support you in the cleaning process. It will also minimize the total visit to your orthodontist.

orthodontic treatment
Self Ligating Braces

These braces can be available in metal and ceramic versions, but they might not be for all types of patients. Hence before having this in your treatment plan, the dentist will go through a lot of processes to see if you are the ideal candidate for this.




When we are talking about Invisalign, we are talking about comfortability and effectiveness. Invisalign has been the number one choice in straightening their teeth. It is almost invisible, and you can still carry on your everyday tasks with ease. Invisalign has successfully worked on cases from mild crowding to complex, biting issues.


A lot of people are coming forward to get hands-on the miraculous braces that have helped in igniting their self-esteem. They are no longer afraid of the sarcastic comments of the onlookers.

orthodontic treatment

They can equally feel proud of their face and teeth in general. Invisalign treatment is so advanced that no matter if you have previously gone through some treatment plans, the dentist can still go with the Invisalign process. It is meant for both adults and children.


Clear braces in London has been a viral treatment for people seeking a therapeutic solution to change the imperfect look into a dashing, confident personality.


Whether you want to change your underbite or overbite situation or you just want to eat everything while you are on orthodontic treatment, getting Invisalign will help you from every perspective.


Before you get on Invisalign orthodontic treatment, the dentist will go through your case and will figure out whether you are the right candidate for it. Lots of factors play an essential role in identifying the Invisalign will be a fit choice in your case.

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