Protein supplements for kids

Protein Supplements For Kids: A Necessary Diet for Kids

Protein Supplements are products that provide you extra protein. So it is helpful for kids as they need more protein. There are tons of protein supplements for kids in the market. These supplements are available at a reasonable price. They help grow kids.


Protein is an essential nutrient needed to build your body. Protein is vital for the development of muscles, hormone production, skin and bone strengthening, and overall development. Thus it is not necessary to think about how crucial is protein for children.


According to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, the daily need for protein for children can be summarized as:

1. For younger children:

Age 4-9 require 19 grams of protein

Age 9-13 require 43 grams of protein

2. For adolescents( Age 14-18 ):

Boys need 52 grams of protein

Girls require 46 grams of protein

Kid drinking protein
Kid Drinking Protein


The children naturally get this amount of protein from their daily two servings. They can get sufficient proteins from different foods like milk, yogurt, cheese, pork, poultry, and so on. However, sometimes the children may need extra supplements. If the child is an athlete, then he/she may need additional supplements.


Need Of Protein Supplements For Kids

Our daily life average kids do not require protein supplements. However, they are our life savior in exceptional cases. It is helpful to provide protein supplements for kids in the following circumstances:


1. UnderWeight

Children need protein to have a good body build. So if your child is thin, you can provide your child with protein supplements. However, you should consult a pediatrician before giving supplements.


2. Low Appetite

We can see multiple children in our daily life who are picky eater. They have a long list of foods that they strictly avoid. These lists may contain different food that are excellent sources of protein. Due to this reason, your child might be missing on the daily required protein. In such a case, you can provide protein supplements to compensate for insufficient protein.


3. Vegetarian

Meat is an excellent source of protein. However, there are lots of vegetarian people. It is not shocking to hear that the group also consists of children. If your child is also a vegetarian, then he/she should get about 10 to 15 more protein to get the same protein as non-vegetarian.


Vegetarian children can extract protein from natural sources also. If your children do not get sufficient protein, then you can provide them protein supplements in consultancy with pediatricians.


4. Weak Metabolic Condition

Some children also have weak metabolic conditions. Such children cannot extract an adequate amount of protein from a healthy diet. If your children also have such a situation, then you can provide them protein supplements.


Best Protein Supplements for Kids

If you consulted the pediatrician and came to a conclusion to protein supplements, there are tons of protein supplements that you can buy in the market. All of these protein supplements are not necessarily helpful for your children.


Some of the best protein supplements, used and recommended by many parents are:


1. Pro JYM

Pro JYM Protein
Pro JYM Protein

The Pro JYM is one of the widely used protein supplements. It consists of pure and best quality protein. Each scoop contains about 24gm of protein. The ingredients of this protein are protein isolates, milk protein isolate, egg white, and others.



Syntha 6 for Kids
Syntha-6 Protein

It is a whey protein supplement. It consists of flavor, and children generally love it. This protein supplement provides children with healthy fiber, amino acids, fats. The supplements thus help in muscle development and endurance enhancement.

3. RSP Whey

RSP Whey Protein Supplements for kids
RSP Whey Protein

Another whey protein in our list is RSP Whey. You can use this supplement for muscle growth and recovery of your kids. It is devoid of carbs and fats.


4. COR-Performance Whey

COR-Performance Whey
COR-Performance Whey

This supplement is for those kids who are physically active. It helps kids to maintain lean muscle and to replenish after physical activity. It consists of dessert-inspired flavors. Its each scoop supplies 25g of Whey protein to the kids.


Caution For Protein Supplements

Though protein supplements provide extra protein to the kids for better development, protein supplements can also have opposite effects on kids. Some of the negative aspects of protein supplements for kids to look out for are given below:


1. May not give you any development!!!

Though protein supplements provide protein to the children, they may not help at all. The science has not proven by any study that protein supplements help to enhance muscle and strength enhancement.


So while you are hoping for the benefits, there may be no change at all.


2. No Muscle But Fat!!!

The protein supplements provide not only protein but also calories. The extra calories might affect similar to fat. Thus if a child cannot burn the extra calories, the child may gain weight.


3. Destroys Health!!!

Protein supplements, instead of maintaining health, might deteriorate health. High protein intake might lead to severe health problems like dehydration, kidney damage, kidney stones, etc.


Protein-rich diet makes it harder for the kidney to process the food and filter the waste. Thus over time, problems like kidney stones and kidney failure surface out.


The protein supplements also help in the deposition of high nitrogen levels in the liver. Due to the high nitrogen level, it weakens the ability of the body to break down the nutrients.


4. May not Know What You Are Taking!!!

Some of the protein supplements for kids do not even mention its ingredients. Thus some of the time, the protein supplements may not also contain any protein. They might instead contain stimulants, hormones, and other chemicals. These chemicals can negatively impact the development of your kid.



As mentioned earlier, nothing is healthier than a regular diet. So generally, children do not need any protein supplements. In case of need for protein supplements, you should not provide it to your kid without consulting with pediatricians. The pediatricians will recommend naturally based on the condition of your kid.

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