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Shoulder Workouts | 11 Best Shoulder Workouts for Men

Believe it or not! Shoulders are the most important muscle of your upper body. It is the key muscle that provides you bigger, better and wider upper body structure.


Shoulder are delicate and complicated joints that plays vital role in your workouts. You should be really careful with the weights while performing shoulder workouts. Warm-up your shoulder joints before jumping into workouts or injuries may easily catch-up to your shoulder joints.


Shoulder consist of three major muscle i.e. front delts (anterior), side delts (medial) and rare delts (posterior) which you equally workout with care.


Here i have collected 11 best shoulder workouts for each of your shoulder muscle for getting bigger and better shoulders.

1. Seated Dumbbell Press

seated dumbbell shoulder press


Seated dumbbell press is the most common shoulder workouts used to strengthen the muscles of shoulders. With the correct movement and position during this workout targets your posterior, anterior and overall muscle of shoulder.

How to perform seated dumbbell press step by step:

1. Grab a pair of dumbbell and have a seat on with back support.

2. Lift the dumbbell one by one using your thighs up to shoulders at each side.

3. Put the dumbbells at 180 degree with your shoulder side delts.

4. Now, lift up your dumbbells until your arms are straightly upwards.

5. After a second, get back to the initial position bringing down your dumbbell in 180 degree.

6. Repeat the step 4 and 5 until you are done.

Things to remember during seated dumbbell press:

1. Keep your elbows straight with your shoulders maintaining 180 degree.

2. Do not strike dumbbells while lifting them above your head.

3. Do not lower down the dumbbells below your head.

4. Maintain correct posture throughout the workout.

2. Seated Front Barbell Press

barbell shoulder workouts


Seated front barbell press is a perfect mass building exercise and one of my favorite shoulder workouts. It’s better if you perform this workout in smith machine as it feels more comfortable in maintaining balance and lifting heavy weights. This workout targets your front delts along with triceps muscle. 

How to perform seated front barbell press step by step:

1. Manage your smith machine with equal weight on both side and get your bench at the center of machine.

2. Grab the barbell slightly wider than your shoulder keeping your head and back straight.

3. Now, Lift the barbell making your arms vertically.

4. Get down the barbell slowly just below your chin and above the upper chest.

5. Push up the barbell back to the initial position and repeat the process of up and down.


Things to remember during seated front barbell press.

1. Control the weight equally with both arms throughout the workout.

2. Keep your back straight and avoid movements.

3. Keep you elbows from locking out.

3. Arnold Press

dumbbell arnold press


Arnold press is named after the Greatest Bodybuilding “Arnold Schwarzenegger” as it was invented by arnold himself. It was his favorite shoulder workouts that targets both side of front heads of delts. It was best way to build bigger delts.

How to perform arnold press step by step:

1. Grab a pair of dumbbells and have a seat with a back support.

2. Initially place your dumbbell bending your elbow as shown in above image.

3. After that, rotate your arms lifting both the dumbbells until your arms are on the top as shown in above image.

4. Now, get back to the initial posture reversing your process.

5. Repeat the workout multiple times.


Things to remember during arnold press:

1. Rotate the arm slowly until it reaches to the top. Do not rotate fast.

2. Do not lower your elbow below your shoulder.

3. Avoid this workout if you are having shoulder injuries.

4. Dumbbell Lateral Raise

lateral raise shoulder workouts


Dumbbell lateral raise is a great workout for your side delts. It will burn your delts muscle as it is an isolation exercise for strengthening your shoulder muscle. It is also one of my favorite shoulder workouts which i never miss during my shoulder routine.

How to perform dumbbell lateral raise step by step:

1. Grab a pair of light weighted dumbbells and stand straight.

2.  Raise your both arms at the side up to your shoulder level maintaining a big C in shape.

3. Hold a second and lower down your arms.

4. Repeat the workout multiple times.


Things to remember during dumbbell lateral raise:

1. Get your elbow higher than your fist.

2. Keep your body posture straight avoiding movements.

3.  Do not just raise your arms without proper posture.

5. Bent Over Dumbbell Raise

bent over lateral raise


Bent over dumbbell raise is great shoulder workouts for your rare delts. It covers your posterior delts as well as defines your upper back muscle. It is a great isolation workout for your shoulder muscles. This workout should be included in everyone’s shoulder routine for perfect rare delt muscle.

How to perform bent over dumbbell raise step by step:

1. Grab a pair of light weighted dumbbell.

2. Bent your waist and knee keeping your back straight.

3. Maintain your posture as shown in the image.

4. Now, raise your arms on both side until they are at your shoulder level.

5. Slowly get down your arms and repeat the process multiple times.


Things to remember during bent over dumbbell raise:

1. Grab light dumbbell when you begin the workout as it is really difficult to perform perfectly even in multiple try.

2. Do not bent your back. Keep it straight and still.

3. Keep your elbow at 180 degree to your shoulders.

4. Raise your arms carefully and slowly.

6. Rope Face Pull

face pull shoulder workouts


Rope face pull is another great shoulder workouts for your rare (posterior) delts. It includes high pulley cable and rope. This workout also helps your upper back for a perfect shape.

How to perform rope face pull step by step:

1. Place your cable pulley at the top of cable machine including rope on pulley.

2. Grab the rope on each side and place your one foot a step behind for support.

3. Now, pull the rope towards your face making your elbow wide open.

4. Hold a second and release the rope slowly and continue the process.


Things to remember during rope face pull:

1. Do not pull the ropes above or below your face.

2. Keep your elbows higher as you can.

3. Hold a second after you pull the weight.

7. Dumbbell Shrugs

Dumbbell shrugs


Dumbbell shrugs targets your trapezoid muscle which connects your shoulder with neck. It is really simple exercise that involves a pair of dumbbell. Trapezoid muscle is also known as (Trap muscle) because this muscle builds by trapping of muscle between shoulder and neck.

How to perform dumbbell shrugs step by step:

1. Stand straight and grab a pair of dumbbells.

2. Get your shoulders as high as you can aiming to trap your trapezoid muscles between shoulder and neck without moving your any other muscle.

3. Hold a second and slowly release the pressure on your trapezoid muscle.

4. Repeat the process as much you can.


Things to remember during dumbbell shrugs:

1. Do not move your arms or legs during the workout.

2. Keep your head slightly inclined.

3. Raise your shoulder as high as you can.

4. Do not bent your elbow.

8. One Arm Dumbbell Front Raise

Dumbbell raise for shoulders


One arm dumbbell front raise is really good shoulder workouts for your front (anterior) delts. It is simple workout where you lift your arms at the level of your shoulders.

How to perform one arm dumbbell front raise step by step:

1. Grab a pair of dumbbells on each of your arms and stand straight with upright chest.

2. Raise your arms one by one until it reaches the height of your shoulder.

3. Hold a second at that moment and slowly lower down your arm and raise alternatively.

4. Repeat the workout process multiple times.


Things to remember during one arm dumbbell front raise:

1. Keep your chest Up and stand vertically straight.

2. Do not raise the dumbbells beyond your shoulder level.

3. Do not move your lower body during raising the arms.


9. Barbell Back Shrugs

barbell back shrugs


Barbell back shrugs is another great workout for your trapezoid muscle that target from the back of your shoulder muscle. This workout provides you massive and stronger trap muscle so never miss this workout during shoulder workouts.

How to perform barbell back shrugs step by step:

 1. Pick a barbell and place it on the bench then put equal amount of weight on each side of barbell.

2. Now, show your back to the barbell and grab the bar in reverse grip.

3. Stand slightly inclined and raise your shoulder rare delts only to execute this workout.

4. Hold a second and slowly get down the shoulder and repeat the process.


Things to remember during barbell shrugs:

1. Go slow during the workout.

2. Do not pull up the barbell with your arms.

3. Do not bent your elbow.


10. Barbell Up-right Row

barbell upright row shoulder workouts


Barbell upright row is advanced workout for your upper body muscle targeting your shoulder, arms and back. It is a intense weight lifting workout and here we perform it for a bigger and better shoulder.

How to perform barbell upright row step by step:

1. Get a straight bar with equal weights attached on both side of barbell.

2. Grab a barbell with normal grip and stand straight getting your chest-up.

3. Now, pull the barbell up to the height of your neck.

4. Hold a second and slowly lower the barbell.


Things to remember during barbell upright row:

1. Keep your elbow higher than your fist.

2. Keep your chest and head upwards.

3. Do not shake or move your back during this workout.

11. Barbell Military Press

barbell military press


Barbell military is another intense workouts that an advance bodybuilder performs for strength and shoulder muscle. You should only perform this workout with the guidance of a fitness trainer.

How to perform barbell military press step by step:

1. Get a straight bar and load equal amount of weights on each side of barbell. Remember to lock the weights.

2. Grab the barbell and lift from ground standing straight.

3. Now, firstly, get the barbell up to your neck bending your elbows.

4. Then, lift the barbell higher above your head making your hands straight.

5. Hold a second and lower down the barbell to the ground and repeat the process.


Things to remember during barbell military press:

1. Try light weights at the beginning.

2. Make it two step process first up to the neck and second above the head.

3. Wear a safely gear i.e. belt.



To get perfectly toned and bigger shoulder muscle follow these shoulder workouts alternatively. Make sure you include all variety of muscle targeting workouts. Don’t go for similar muscle workout at the same day. You have to work every part of your muscle with equal participation.


So, when are you making your shoulder workout routine?

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