Tricep Workouts

Tricep Workouts | 9 Tricep Workouts For Bigger Arms

Do you wish to have bigger arms like hulk? Well, you better start your tricep workouts. Although triceps might not play a crucial role as the biceps, it is equally important for your fitness.

Your triceps covers the majority percentage of your arms and is the key source for the strength training, especially during presses. Triceps is the one that makes your arms look bigger and better so get back to gym and add some serious mass on back of your arm.

You might have checked multiple websites related to tricep workouts and finally landed here hoping the same. But after this you won’t need to check any other websites because i have collected some of the very best tricep workouts for bigger and better arms.

1. EZ-Bar Tricep Extension

tricep workout
Lying tricep extension


Ez-bar tricep extension is one of the most important tricep workouts to increase tricep muscle and strength.


How to perform EZ-bar tricep extension step by step:

1. Get a EZ-bar and add weights you feel comfortable with.

2. Lie down on the flat bench and hold the bar keeping your arms straightly upwards.

3. Now, bent your elbow slowly towards the forehead without moving your upper arms.

4. Get back to the initial position and repeat the process multiple times.


Things to remember during Ez-bar tricep extensions:

1. Don’t hold the bar too close or too far.

2. Don’t move your upper arms.

3. Don’t open your elbows during this workout.

4. Start with a light weight.

2. Close-Grip Bench Press

Close grip tricep workouts
Lying close grip barbell press


Close-grip bench press is intense tricep workouts for your mass and strength as well. High tension is created on your back of the arms during this workout.


How to perform close-grip bench press step by step:

1. Manage a flat bench at the center of smith machine as shown in image.

2. Lie down on the bench and hold the bar almost joining your both hands leaving small gap.

3. Now, perform exactly like a bench press in slower version.

4. Focus on your triceps and repeat the process multiple times.


Things to remember during close-grip bench press.

1. Don’t bent your arms (Keep your arms and forearm in a straight position)

2. Don’t rush the workout, move slow

3. Provide equal force from both the arms.


3. V-Bar Cable Push Down

V-bar tricep pushdown workouts
Cable Machine V-bar tricep push down


V-bar cable push down is great tricep workouts for the lateral head. This workout is basically performed for cutting the tricep into perfect lateral head.


How to perform V-bar cable push down step by step:

1. Select a weight you are comfortable with

2. Hold a bar with over hand grip

3. Stand straight with slightly inclined forward the cable machine

4. Push down the cable using your triceps aiming to touch your front thighs

5. After a second, bring the cable to the initial position and repeat the movement multiple times


Things to remember during V-bar cable push down:

1. Don’t move your hand above the elbow. Keep it stable the whole time.

2. Keep your body position as shown in image, don’t stand perfectly straight or bent more than necessary.

4. Both Arm Over-Head Dumbbell Extension

Both arm Dumbbell tricep extension
Over-Head Both arm dumbbell tricep extension


Both arm over-head dumbbell extension is a great isolation workout for your tricep muscle. It is basically used for targeting your long head muscle.


How to perform both arm over-head dumbbell extension step by step:

1. Grab a comfortable dumbbell and have a seat with straight position.

2. Maintain an overlapped grip to hold the dumbbell placing right above your head.

3. Now, slowly lower down the dumbbell without moving your upper arm only bending your elbows.

4. Stretch your tricep muscles and return back to the initial position.


Things to remember during both arm over-head dumbbell extension:

1. Keep your back straight with your head facing straight.

2. Keep the movement slow as possible, don’t rush the arm movement.

3. Do not move your elbow while lowering the dumbbell.


5. Straight Bar Cable Push Down Reverse Grip

tricep reverse grip push down
Reverse grip straight bar push down


Straight bar cable push down reverse grip is a light weight isolation workout which targets long head tricep muscle as similar with both hand over-head dumbbell extension.


How to perform straight bar cable push down reverse grip step by step:

1. Ready your cable machine with straight bar and comfortable weight to start the set.

2. Stand straight in front of cable machine and hold the straight bar with reverse grip.

3. Push the bar down contracting your tricep muscle making your arm straight.

4. Slowly get back to initial position as shown in image and repeat the process.


Things to remember during straight bar cable push down reverse grip:

1. Do not hold the bar too close or too far.

2. Always remain in straight position.

3. Keep your upper arm stable.

4. Use more weights for effectiveness.


6. Dumbbell Skull Crusher

dumbbell skull crusher
Lying Dumbbell Skull crusher


Dumbbell skull crusher is a similar workout as EZ-bar extension where only equipment is different. This workout is great for your tricep muscle building and strength.


How to perform dumbbell skull crusher step by step:

1. Get a pair of light dumbbells and lie down on the flat bench.

2. Lift the dumbbells with both hands straightly above your shoulders.

3. Now, slowly lower both the dumbbells at the same time without moving your upper arms.

4. Stretch your tricep muscle while lowering the dumbbells and get back to the initial position.


Things to remember during dumbbell skull crusher:

1. Don’t pick heavy dumbbell during the starting set.

2. Do not move your elbows while performing this workout.

3. Keep a slow pace and focus your triceps.

7. Rope Push Down

Tricep rope workouts
Cable Machine Rope Push down


Rope push down is really important tricep workouts for better definition of your tricep muscle and provide a great cutting shape.


How to perform rope push down step by step:

1. Ready your machine with rope and comfortable weight for starting set.

2. Grab the rope standing straight in front of cable machine.

3. Pull down the rope until your arms are straight contracting your tricep muscle.

4. Bring up the rope stretching your tricep muscle so both contracting and stretching can take place.


Things to remember during rope push down:

1. Do not move your elbows or arms.

2. Don’t rush the movement of your arms.

3. Keep your arms parallel to your body.

8. Weighted Bench Dips

Weighted dips
Bench Weighted Dips


Weighted Bench Dips is similar to dips only difference is you perform this workout using bench. It is good for your tricep strength and muscle building.


How to perform weighted bench dips step by step:

1. Get into middle of two bench placing your both hand on one bench and legs on another just exactly as shown in image.

2. Get a gym partner to place weights on your lap.

3. Now, slowly get down trying to touch ground with your butt.

4. Then get up slowly into initial. Repeat the process multiple times.


Things to remember during weighted bench dips:

1. Do not keep more gaps between your hands.

2. Keep your neck and head stable. Don’t look down.

3. Don’t go too low with heavy weights. You might not be able to get back up.

9. Dumbbell Kick Backs

dumbbell kick backs
One arm dumbbell kick back


Dumbbell kick backs is also another great workout for your tricep strength and muscle definition.


How to perform dumbbell kick backs step by step:

1. Grab a light weighted dumbbell with one hand and place your another hand on the surface of bench also with one leg on the floor and another on the bench bending your knee.

2. Now, get into starting position bending your elbow as shown in first image.

3. Then, kick back your dumbbell until your arms are straightly backwards.

4. Hold a second while dumbbell is on top and slowly get your dumbbell into initial position.


Things to remember during dumbbell kick backs:

1. Grab a lowest weight if you are new to this workout.

2. Remember to warm up your tricep before performing this workout.

3. Always remain stable, smooth and controlled throughout the workout.


Hence, to grow your tricep bigger and better, follow the above tricep workouts and feel the change on your arms.


So, when is your next tricep workouts?

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