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5 Extreme Workouts for Upper Abs

Having perfect six-pack abs is the dream of every bodybuilder and fitness freaks. Eventhough this small part of muscles represents three portions, i.e., upper abs, lower abs, and side obliques.

Now to achieve a perfect six-pack ab, you need to train all three portions of your abdomen. Today we are going to discuss how can we get the upper abs with five simple workouts.

Not every people succeed in having six-pack abs and even they do succeed, it is really hard to maintain in great shape. So, the workout list mentioned below not only helps you to get upper abs but also helps to maintain your abs in perfect shape.

So, you always need to focus on the right workout tips and correct instruction while performing a certain exercise. Only then you can achieve the positive result from the effort.

1. Crunches

Normal Crunches
Normal Crunches

Crunches are the most common and basic workout for upper abs but also an equally effective workout that is performed by almost every fitness guys. It is easy to perform and doesn’t require any external machine and can be easily performed anywhere. Never miss crunches during your abs workout routine.

Stepwise instructions:

1. Lie down on the ground or workout mat on your back.

2. Bend your knees and place your hands on the back of your head.

3. Now, curl up your upper body lifting up your shoulders pressuring your upper abs.

4. Get back on the ground and repeat the process until you are done with it.


2. Swiss Ball Crunches

Swiss Ball Crunches
Swiss Ball Crunches

Now for a step higher level of crunches, Swiss Ball Crunches is an effective and better workout for upper abs. You can even add extra weight during this workout or can perform only with your body weight.

Stepwise instructions:

1. Get a swiss ball and sit on the ball.

2. Place your back on the ball with feet holding the ground.

3. Place your hands behind your head and keep your thigh parallel to the ground.

4. Slowly curl up your upper body lifting your shoulder with a crunch.

5. Hold a second and lie back down on the swiss ball and repeat the process until you are done.


3. Hanging Knee Raise

Upper Abs workout
Hanging Knee Raise

If you are aware of hanging leg raise then hanging knee raise will be no hard for you to execute. It is similar to leg raise but here we bend our legs and raise the knee towards our abs to contract hard for perfect abs. This workout is comparatively harder than other upper abs workout and also equally effective workout which you don’t want to miss out.

Stepwise instructions:

1. Hold the bar with both your hands and hold to the straight position.

2. Bend your knee inwards without moving your upper body.

3. Now, raise your knee towards your abs without moving your upper body.

4. Hold the knees for a second and get back down the knees.

5. Repeat the process for multiple times until your upper abs are burning. 


4. Toe Touch

Upper Abs Workout
Upper Abs – Toe Touch

Toe Touch is another great workout for upper abs that can be performed with or without the involvement of weights. It is also an intermediate workout which is pretty hard to execute but really effective to shape out your abs.

Stepwise instructions:

1. Initially lie down on the floor with the support of your back.

2. Raise your legs with 90 degrees towards your upper body.

3. Now, open your hands and try touching your toes with slight lifting up your shoulder blades.

4. Repeat the process continuously for multiple times until your abs are burning.


5. Cable Crunches

Cable Crunches
Cable Crunches

You might have already thought that crunches are the primary workout for upper abs. Yes, you are right many of the crunches varieties are especially focused on upper abs while execution. Now, this cable crunches is one of the varieties of crunches that is performed on cables.

Stepwise instructions:

1. Attach the rope handle on the cable machine to perform this exercise.

2. Knee down in front of the cable machine holding each end of the rope with both your hands.

3. Bend your head slightly towards the cable and place the ropes just above your ears.

4. Now, bend your upper body towards the ground crunching your abs.

5. Hold second after maximum crunch and get back to the initial position.

6. Repeat the process for more than 20 repetitions as this workout requires multiple repetitions.


These are five of the best upper abs workout that will definitely change the structure of your abdomen. Try these five workouts on your abs workout day and get toned upper abs. Also, click here to know the 5 extreme workouts for lower abs.

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