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Top 5 Workouts For Weight Gain

People start going to the GYM and workout for weight gain, look bigger, muscular, and also to look lean most of the time. I hope you are one of them who is exponentially looking for a bigger body and definitely gain weight with your workout techniques.


Let me tell you at first, as much you workout at GYM; you also need to eat more than you burn calories. So, better check out the article, i.e., Foods to eat for muscle building.


Now you are here, of course, for the techniques to apply during your workout that will also help in your weight gain neither only burn calories and lose weight.


Here is the list of best workouts for weight gain that will surely improve your weight gain and improve your muscular physique.


1. Push-Ups

Girl doing Push-Ups

Push-Ups is probably the best most straightforward technique that anyone can perform to improve their upper body posture by gaining weight.


Stepwise instruction

1. Get down and lie on your stomach, facing the ground.

2. Spread your hands and legs with palms flat facing the ground and holding your overall body with both your hands and legs.

3. Keep your back straight with your body and head straight.

4. Now slowly bend your elbows and try touching the ground with your upper chest then get back up to the initial position.

5. Repeat the process for 15 repetitions for one set.


Targeted muscle with push-ups: Overall chest muscles, Triceps, shoulders, and core muscles.


2. Bench Press

workouts for weight gain
Flat Bench Press

Bench Press is another great workout for your upper body weight gain that you usually perform during a chest workout session.


Stepwise instruction

1. Lie down on the flat bench relaxing your body.

2. Grab the barbell with equal distance from the center of the bar for balancing the weight.

3. After adding an adequate amount of weight, slowly lift the bar with both your hands and stretch your arms.

4. Slowly bring down the barbell upto your chest, but do not touch your chest with a barbell.

5. Again take back the barbell to the initial position, and after 6-8 repetition, keep the barbell on the barbell stand.


Targeted muscle with bench press: Triceps, Chest, Traps, Anterior deltoids, and back muscle.

3. Pull-ups

Barbell Pull Ups
Barbell Pull Ups

Pull-Ups is a great strength workout that keeps active your upper body muscles and helps in weight gain as well. Push-Ups and Pull-Ups shall always be performed as warmup workouts before you start your hardcore exercises.


Stepwise instruction

1. Grab the pull-up bar with both your palms and make sure you are completely hanging before you began the pull-up.

2. Keep your arms to the same distance from the center of the pull-up bar for balancing.

3. Now, pull yourself up only with the help of the arms without applying external force from your lower body.

4. Do not move other body parts except your arms during this exercise.

5. Get your chin above your bar and release slowly to the initial position and repeat for 10-12 repetitions.


Targeted muscle with pull-ups: Biceps, Lats muscles, Trapezius muscles, back muscles, and forearms.


4. Squats

Barbell Squats
Barbell Squats

No doubt, if you wish to have a bulky muscle and weight gain by working at the GYM, then squat is that exercise that shouldn’t be left behind. It works your overall body muscle and makes your muscle more defined.


Stepwise instruction

1. Place an adequate amount of weight on both sides of your barbell.

2. For safety, make sure you have a belt around your waist.

3. Now, spread your legs a bit and hold the barbell with your arms with equal distance from the center.

4. Place the barbell on your back shoulder and lift the barbell with your body.

5. Slowly get down, bending your knees, but remember to straighten your body posture during the workout.

 6. Get back up lifting the barbell on your shoulder and repeat 8-10 times.


Target Muscles with squat: Thigh Muscles, hamstring muscles, glutes, and core muscles.


5. Deadlift

workouts for weight gain

The deadlift is the another best heavy workout to gain bodyweight just as performing squats. This is also a strength workout to increase the overall pulling strength of our body.


Stepwise instruction

1. Prepare the barbell with loaded weights on each side of the barbell.

2. Stand straight in front of the barbell and hold the barbell on the equal distance just outside your legs.

3. Face forward and keep your back straight during the lift.

4. Bring the barbell up to your thighs and straighten your back during the lift.

5. Slowly get down your heavy barbell and lift back up with the same process.


Target Muscles with deadlift: Hamstring muscle, glutes, lower back, and core muscles.


So, these are the top five workouts for weight gain and build quality muscle that will help you look bigger and stronger. Try it yourself for a change in yourself.


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