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Are you feed up with the workout? Or are you tried of working out on your own? Well all you need is proper guidance and motivation. In addition some workout quotes help too.


You are not the only person who feels like i’m done working, It happens to every single person. Following and sticking to the fitness is really a tough job that you might need an inspiration and motivation to remain strong.


You might wanna throw your stuff and stop working but that’s when motivational words saves your day. So, to save your day and fitness, here are some really good Motivational Workout Quotes including the Greatest Bodybuilders’s words that might change your thoughts.


Motivational Workout Quotes 

1. No Pain! No Gain!

2. Abs Are Made In Kitchen Not In GYM.

3. 30% GYM And 70% Diet

4. Go Hard Or Go Home

5. Eat Big, Lift Big, Get Big!

6. When It Starts To Hurt, That’s When The Set Starts.

7. Get Ripped, Get Laid

8. Squat Till You Puke

9. Never Give Up!

10. Good Is Not Enough If Better Is Possible

11. Everybody Wants To Be A Bodybuilder, But Nobody Wants To Lift No Heavy Ass Weight!

12. Be Proud, But Never Satisfied

13. If You’re Not First, You’re Last

14. If It Doesn’t Challenge You, It Wont Change You

15. Don’t Give Up On Your Dream, Or Your Dream Will Give Up On You

16. Look In The Mirror. That’s Your Competition

17. Touch Times Don’t Last. Touch People Do.

18. If You Aren’t Begging For Rest. Then You Aren’t Training Your Best.

19. Don’t Wish It Were Easier. Wish You Were Better.

20. Strength Does Not Come From Physical Capacity. It Comes From An Indomitable Will.

21. There Are Two Types Of Pains, One That Hurts You And The Other That Changes You.

22. Pain Is Temporary, Quitting Lasts Forever.

23. Come In The Gym Like Your’e Going To War.

24. There Is No Strength Without Struggle.

25. Push Yourself Because No One Else Is Going To Do It.


Motivational Workout Quotes from Bodybuilders

PHIL HEATH Motivational Workout Quotes:

Phil Heath Workout Quotes


“Being Negative And Lazy Is A Disease That Leads To Pain, Hardship, Depression, Poor Health And Failure. Be Pro-active, And Give A Damn To Achieve Success!” – PHIL HEATH


“If It Was Easy Everyone Would Be A Champion, So You’ve Got To Decide If You’re That Person That’s Going To Be A Champion.” – PHIL HEATH


“The Mind-set Of A Champion Is That I Put Myself In A Certain Situation To Win, I Don’t Play To Lose, I Don’t Prepare To Lose, I Hate Second Place And I Definitely Don’t Like Silver.” – PHIL HEATH


“Actually To Be A Champion Your Goal Is To Be A Little Bit Better Each Day, Making Sure That Every Day Is An Opportunity To Be At Your Best.” – PHIL HEATH


“I Think A Lot Of People Will, Say Oh He’s Genetically Gifted, Oh He’s This And That. Get Over It People, I Worked My Ass Off.” – PHIL HEATH


ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER Motivational Workout Quotes:

Arnold SCHWARZENEGGER Workout Quotes


“What We Face May Look Insurmountable, But What I Learned Is That We Are Always Stronger Than We Know” – ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER


“If You Don’t Find The Time, If You Don’t Do The Work, You Don’t Get The Results.” – ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER


“The Worst Thing I Can Be Is The Same As Everybody Else. I Hate That.” – ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER


“You Were Born To Win, But To Be A Winner, You Must Plan To Win, Prepare To Win, And Expect To Win.” – ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER


“Kill Them With Success And Bury Them With A Smile” – ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER


ROONIE COLEMAN Motivational Workout Quotes:

Ronnie Coleman Workout Quotes


“Everybody Wants To Be A Bodybuilder, But Don’t Nobody Wanna Life No Heavy Ass Weight” – ROONIE COLEMAN


“Hard Work And Training. There’s No Secret Formula. I Lift Heavy, Work Hard And Aim To Be The Best.” – ROONIE COLEMAN


“Light Weight… Yeah Buddy!” – ROONIE COLEMAN


“It Is Important To Have People Believe In You. With This Support, What You Can Achieve Is Limitless.” – ROONIE COLEMAN


“My Biggest Competition Is Always Myself. I Mean No Disrespect, But I Do Not Look At Any Of The Guys As Being My Competition For The Simple Reason That I Can’t Control How They’re Going To Look. I Can Only Control How I Look.” – ROONIE COLEMAN


JAY CUTLER Motivational Workout Quotes:

Jay Cutler Workout Quotes


“Competition Or No Competition – Still Busting my Butt Every Damn Day.” – JAY CUTLER


“Push As Much Heavy Weights As Possible, Heavy Weights Build Muscle”. – JAY CUTLER


“It’s Not About How Many Times You Win It, It;s About The Fashion You Win In It In.” – JAY CUTLER


“I Get A Common Question All The Time, Jay What’s The Secret? What’s The Secret? And There Is NO SECRET. The Secret Is Progression, Consistency And Dedication Day In And Day Out.” – JAY CUTLER


“I Stuck With The Basics Of Training.” – JAY CUTLER


KAI GREENE Motivational Workout Quotes:

Kai Greene Workout Quotes


“Nothing Comes Easy, But As Long As You’re Breathing, You’re Always One Breath Away From Making Your Dreams A Reality. Make Every Breath Count.” – KAI GREENE


“Do Not Let Yourself Be Contaminated By Other’s Ideas Of What Is Best For You. Cast Aside The Shackles Of Destructive Thinking.” – KAI GREENE


“I Never Gave Up, Even When People Told Me I’d Never Make It; Never Underestimate The Heart Of A Champion.” – KAI GREENE


“Victory Isn’t Defined By Wins Or Losses. It Is Defined By Effort. If You Can Truthfully Say, ‘I Did The Best I Could, I Gave Everything I Had,’ Then You’re A Winner.” – KAI GREENE


“Get Out, Realize Your Dream, And Go For It.” – KAI GREENE


DWYANE JOHNSON (The Rock) Motivational Workout Quotes:

Dwayne Johnson Workout Quotes


“Success Isn’t Always About ‘Greatness’, It’s About Consistency. Consistency Hard Work Gains Success. Greatness Will Come.” – DWAYNE JOHNSON


“Blood, Sweat And Respect. First Two You Give. Last One You EARN.” – DWAYNE JOHNSON


“When You Walk Up To Opportunity’s Door, Don’t Knock It. Kick That Bitch In, Smile, And Introduce Yourself.” – DWAYNE JOHNSON


“I Like To Use The Hard Times In The Past To Motivate Me Today.” – DWAYNE JOHNSON


“Let Your Actions Do The Talking For You. Unless You’re Telling A Good, Dirty Joke” – DWAYNE JOHNSON



SHAWN RHODEN Motivational Workout Quotes:

Shawn Rhoden Workout Quotes


“Smile And Wave, Because Everyone Is A Critic. We All Know Who’s Voice We Need To Be Listening To” – SHAWN RHODEN


“You Have To Put On Fat In Order To Put Some Size On.” – SHAWN RHODEN


“Don’t Ever Stop Believing In Yourself. Don’t Ever Give Up, Never Stop Fighting. Fight Until There Is No More Fight.” – SHAWN RHODEN


“Unleash Everything You Have And Give It Everything That You Have That Extra 5% is Going beyond What You Thought You Were Capable of Doing.” – SHAWN RHODEN


“If You Are Training To Be Number Two, You Should Stay Home.” – SHAWN RHODEN


DEXTER JACKSON Motivational Workout Quotes:

Dexter Jackson pose


“Age Is Just A Number.” – DEXTER JACKSON


“It’s Not How You Train, But That You Do Train That Really Matters.” – DEXTER JACKSON


“There Isn’t Enough Emphasis On The Heavy Barbell Basic Anymore, Especially In The Early Years When Guys Need Them The Most. I Make A Point Of Stressing That ‘Barbells Build Muscle’. They’re Even Better Then Dumbbells Because You Can Overload The Muscle With More Weight.” – DEXTER JACKSON


“Guys Like Ronnie Coleman And Dorian Yates Kind Of Fell Apart At The End Because They Didn’t Change Their Training. I Do More Isolation And Machine Exercise Now. It Works For Me, As Long As I Train Hard With Good Form.” – DEXTER JACKSON


“Put 110% On Every Single Set.” – DEXTER JACKSON


WILLIAM BONAC Motivational Workout Quotes:

William Bonac Workout Quotes


“It’s About Effort. And When You Bring That Effort Every Single Day, That’s Where Transformation Happens.” – WILLIAM BONAC


“Life Has Dark Moments & It Is Out Of Our Darkness That We Often Find Our Greatest Beauties And Strengths.” – WILLIAM BONAC


“Life And Time Are World’s Two Teachers, Life Teaches Us To Make Good Use Of Time, While Time Teaches Us The Value Of Life.” – WILLIAM BONAC


JOHN CENA Motivational Workout Quotes:

John Cena


“If You Don’t Learn From Your Mistakes, Then They Become Regrets.” – JOHN CENA


“Be Loyal To Those Who Are Loyal To You. And Respect Everyone, Even Your Enemies And Competition.” – JOHN CENA


“I’ve Met Fans That Are 9 Months Old To 90 Years Old.” – JOHN CENA


“I Was Always Training For Appearance Rather Than Performance.” – JOHN CENA


“When People Show Loyalty To You, You Take Care Of Those Who Are With You. It’s How It Goes With Everything. If You Have A Circle Of Friends, And One Of Those Friends Doesn’t Stay Loyal To You, Then Don’t Stay Your Friend For Very Long.” – JOHN CENA


LOU FERRIGNO Motivational Workout Quotes:

Lou Ferrigno Workout


“To Be A Champion, You Must Act Like One, Act Like A Champion.” – LOU FERRIGNO


“The Attitude Is Very Important. Because, Your Behavior Radiates How You Feel.” – LOU FERRIGNO


“The Truth Is, I’ve Been The Hulk My Whole Life.” – LOU FERRIGNO


“You Are Going To Have Bad Days And Have Good Days.” – LOU FERRIGNO


“Bodybuilding Saves My Life Because I Overcame The Nerd Stage. I Got Picked On. I Was Fascinated With Power, And Then I Decided To Take That Direction Because I Knew That Would Make Me Feel Good About Myself.” – LOU FERRIGNO


BIG RAMY Motivational Workout Quotes:

Big Ramy Workout Quotes


“I May Not Be Where I Want To Be, But Thank God I Am Not Where I Used To Be.” – BIG RAMY


“You Have To Be Strong And Courageous And Know That You Can Do Anything You Put Your Mind To.” – BIG RAMY


“Other People’s Opinion Of You Does Not Have To Become Your Reality. Just Don’t Listen.” – BIG RAMY


“It’s Not What You Look At That Matters, It’s What You See.” – BIG RAMY


“Every Champion Was Once A Contender Who Refused To Give Up.” – BIG RAMY


RICH PIANA Motivational Workout Quotes:

Rich Piana Workout


“I Think The Biggest Mistake People Make Is Not Believing In Themselves Enough.” – RICH PIANA


“You Need To Be Aware, Educated, And Willing To Do Whatever It Takes To Remain Healthy And Keep The Body Healthy.” – RICH PIANA


“The Truth Is, For Highly Competitive Bodybuilders, Everyone Eats The Same – Oatmeal, Chicken, Rice, And Everyone Cuts Carbs Out At Night.” – RICH PIANA


“You Should Build Yourself According To Your Own Body And Be Comfortable.” – RICH PIANA


“I Usually Listen To My Body And Train The Body Parts That I Feel Are Strong For That Particular Day.” – RICH PIANA


JEREMY BUENDIA Motivational Workout Quotes:

Jeremy Buendia stage performance


“My Back Is Turned To The Negativity But My Face Is Towards A Bright Future!” – JEREMY BUENDIA


“I’m Not Just Trying To Climb To The Top Of The Mountain. I’m Trying To Build My House There.” – JEREMY BUENDIA


“Building And Working Toward The Perfect Physique! It Doesn’t Happen By Sitting In The Couch!” – JEREMY BUENDIA


“No Quit In My Blood!” – JEREMY BUENDIA


“The Expectations I Have For Myself Are Far Greater Than The Expectations Anyone Else Can Have For Me.” – JEREMY BUENDIA


BRUCE LEE Motivational Workout Quotes:

Bruce Lee Workout


“Always Be Yourself, Express Yourself, Have Faith In Yourself, Do Not Go Out And Look For A Successful Personality And Duplicate It.” – BRUCE LEE


“I Fear Not The Man Who Has Practiced 10,000 Kicks Once, But I Fear The Man Who Has Practiced One Kick 10,000 Times.” – BRUCE LEE


“If You Always Put Limit On Everything You Do, Physical Or Anything Else. It Will Spread Into Your Work And Into Your Life. There Are No Limits. There Are Only Plateaus, And You Must Not Stay There, You Must Go Beyond Them.” – BRUCE LEE


“I’m Not In This World To Live Up To Your Expectations And You’re Not In This World To Live Up To Mine.” – BRUCE LEE


“Don’t Fear Failure. Not Failure, But Low Aim, Is The Crime. In Great Attempts It Is Glorious Even To Fail.” – BRUCE LEE


In Conclusion

Motivation is the greatest medicine that works for every people. Motivation is the reason for people’s action, willingness and goals. So, keep yourself motivated and aim your goal.


Are you motivated with the Quotes given above? Comment down your views!

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